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This page lists articles from the media where Nelson Mandela University has been featured. Links to the original articles are shown and credit is given to the author/reporter and the publication/website.

I believe in pedal power! Those were the words a Nelson Mandela University student, Mr Charles Mbhele, began with, as he showcased his bicycle company QuikStart.

Gone are the days when hospital staff have to scour through hundreds of documents to find patient files — the Eastern Cape health department has launched an easy-to-use advanced electronic Hospital Management System (HMS).

“If we are to monitor and evaluate our community engagement effectively, we have to look at ourselves to see that we are not just paying lip service.”

The 50 security cameras installed in Central have reaped positive results, allowing security officials to track and trace all suspicious vehicles and people.

SA needs to push the reset button and develop new government and education structures if it hopes to overcome inequality.

Being entrepreneurial is about more than just running a successful business; it is also about having the right mind set and attitude, qualities that equip you for life. So said Ms Karen Snyman, Deputy-Chair of the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) Community of Practice (CoP) for Student Entrepreneurship. She is also a Student Entrepreneurship Specialist at Nelson Mandela University (NMU).

Mandela University graduate developing cheaper and more comfortable socket liners for people with prostheses.

Drilling boreholes, treating effluent water and harvesting rainwater. These are some of the water-saving initiatives that organised businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay have employed as dam levels continue declining.

Fifteen female student entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to assess their growth as part of a pilot programme by Chaya Legal, in partnership with Nelson Mandela University’s Madibaz Entrepreneurship Hub.

Gqeberha student Wamkelwe Mdzanga has written a story, A Game Lonwabo Can Play, to help children understand how to interact with other children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Prof Henry Lerm says the SA MedicoLegal Association has a huge role to play in curbing excessive medical expenditure and litigation.

One of the biggest problems in Central is waste. Eighteen months ago we started tackling this as it seemed like an easy issue to solve. We could not have been more wrong: it required extensive research to understand the multi-pronged problem and address it.

It took a village to get her over the finish line, but for Arcadia resident Anthea van der Hoogen, finally obtaining her doctorate was well worth the battle.

In recognition of his own past, Azwinndini Muronga has brought STEM enrichment opportunities to youth in remote, underserved towns and villages.

Leading from the heart and being mindful of other people’s struggles is what has characterised Kaluke Mawila’s leadership as the principal of the George campus at Nelson Mandela University. 

Humans delight in creating patterns in the sand, and more than 100,000 years ago it would appear we were no different. 

As SA heralds Gqeberha’s Aspen Pharmacare for producing 30 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, a chemistry professor in the same city is quietly hoping to take the drug story much further.

In the 1990s, a commonly held view was that South Africa had achieved a “miracle” because of its relatively peaceful political transition from apartheid to inclusive democracy in 1994.

A coding app has exposed thousands of pupils from disadvantaged areas to computer programming without the need of a computer or a teacher.

The Eastern Cape Department of Health has identified eight cities and towns as the origin of 44 coronavirus cases that were imported into the province over the past two weeks, as active cases rose by 18.2%.

New appointments have brought ‘feisty’ edge to business schools dialogue.

The national lockdown might have had its challenges, but professional dancer and aspiring  videographer Kris Swartbooi used it to her advantage by producing a self-reflective documentary focusing on how to navigate your way through this difficult time.

The Bill Withers classic, Lean on Me, now has a South African flavour after it was rearranged by Nelson Mandela University choir conductor Ulagh Williams as a virtual musical tribute to staff and students near and far.

If former deputy chief justice Dikgang Moseneke had his way, the judiciary would be stripped down to the bare minimum and all the bells and whistles of “My Lord” and “My Lady ” would be disposed of.

Nelson Mandela University professor Rose Boswell has released a book of poetry which she hopes will help heal minds made fragile by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Incoming NMU professor explains how flagship species can reveal troubles below the surface

When Prof Lungile Pepeta, the executive dean of the Nelson Mandela University’s faculty of health sciences, died of Covid-19 related complications on Friday 7 August, he left a proud legacy of speaking truth to power, a dream of creating a children's hospital in the Eastern Cape, and a city, province, medical fraternity and family in deep mourning.


As life in lockdown level 3 continues long past the anticipated pandemic period, our ways of working have significantly changed.

Under the guidance of their lecturer, architecture students at the Nelson Mandela University built a unique, portable crèche for children in the Walmer township in Port Elizabeth.

While in Port Elizabeth over the weekend I took up the opportunity to meet visual artist Pola Maneli. When we meet outside his apartment, he comes out dressed in a pair of Nike Cortez sneakers, a pair of faded black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, one silver stud in each ear and what looks like a two week-old haircut. Much like his outfit, Maneli’s demeanour is as casual as it is cool. 

A health mobile app created by Mandela University's Centre for Community Technologies (CCT) has been selected to be part of a United Nations exhibition in Zimbabwe.

Up to 15% of staff take sick leave daily, costing the SA economy R16bn a year, according to research conducted by an MBA graduate of the Nelson Mandela University Business School.

An educational project, devised by the Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre within Nelson Mandela University in PE, has shown to improve matric maths and science marks by up to 30%.

The government needs to deal with the poaching and smuggling of vital natural, economic and food resources as organised crime, but insufficient attention is given to law enforcement. Although marine living resources are strictly regulated by law, the implementation, administration and enforcement falls woefully short. This is evidenced by large-scale confiscations and statistics relating to imports into market states.

The June 1976 Soweto uprising in no uncertain terms marked the beginning of continuous pupil and student protests that would flare up throughout the decades that followed, right up to the present.

Two Nelson Mandela University students were interviewed on campus by SABC channel 404 about the upcoming general elections. You can follow the link below to the full interview. Watch the clip below.



Only one elephant remains in the Knysna forest and surrounding fynbos: a mature female. There is enormous pathos and tragedy in this finding as she is the last truly wild, free-roaming elephant in SA and the southernmost in the world.

Through our sheer abundance, human activity is a pervasive influence on all ecosystems. Any influence can be appraised through cost-benefit analysis, which, I would suggest, should not be limited to economic considerations.


This article appeared on Business Day Live on 25 October 2015, written by Heather Dugmore.

This article appeared in The Herald on 12 October 2018 written by Nomazima Nkosi

Legislature has remained inactive and left the problem to the courts without giving them the appropriate tools to resolve such disputes, wrote Nelson Mandela Univerity Law lecturer, in BusinessLive on 10 October 2018.

Many South African cities use ground water and aquifers as their main source of water. And with water scarcity an increasing threat, these sources are becoming more and more important. The Conversation Africa’s Nontobeko Mtshali spoke to Gaathier Mahed to find out more about groundwater and aquifers. 

This article appeared in The Weekend Post of 1 September 2018 written by Naziziphiwo Buso

This article appeared in The Herald of 31 August 2018.

This article appeared in The Herald of 28 August 2018 written by Devon Koen:


This article appeared in the Herald of 29 August 2018 written by Zamandulo Malonde:

This article appeared in The Herald of 27 August 2018, written by Odette Parfitt:

This article appeared in The Herald of 27 AUgust 2018, written by Guy Rogers:
This article appeared in The Herald of 24 August 2018, written by Odette Parfitt -

This article appeared in The Herald of 15 August 2018 written by Shaun Gillham


This article appeared in the Herald of 2 August 2018 written by Siyabonga Sesant after a public lecture delivered at Nelson Mandela University by Governor of the Reserve Bank, Lesetja Kganyago.


This article appeared in the Mail and Guardian on 3 August 2018.

This article appeared in The Herald of 1 August 2018 written by Tremaine van Aardt

This article appeared in the Herald of 31 July 2018 written by Tremaine van Aardt

This article appeared in the Weekend Post of 28 July 2018 written by Odette Parfitt.

This article appeared in The Herald on 20 July 2018, written by Odette Parfitt

This article appeared in The Herald of 17 July 2018 - written by Guy Rogers

A Nelson Mandela University drive to build capacity to launch the manufacture of Aids drugs and other advanced pharmaceutical substances for the first time is set to be showcased at a major convention in August.

This article appeared in the Herald of 10 July 2018 written by Athena O'Reilly -

This article, written by Heather Dugmore, appeared in the Saturday Star on 7 July 2018. "Health lessons from Cuba. With NHI in the wings, we have a look at progressive health model systems". A PDF of the artilce can be downloaded from the bar on the right.

This article appeared in The Herald of 26 June 2018, written by Siyabonga Sesant


This article appeared in the Daily Despatch of 28 April 2018, written by Heather Dugmore, about our new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sibongile Muthwa, taking up the reigns. Download a PDF of the article from this page.

This article appeared under COMMENT in the Mail & Guardian of 11 May 2018, written by our new Chancellor, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi. The university’s new chancellor draws on her personal links with uTata to drive her mission. This is an edited version of the speech she delivered during her inauguration at the university on April 17 2018.

This article appeared in the George Herald on 3 May 2018, writtten my Myron Rabinowitz.

Prof Raymond Auerbach, an internationally renowned authority in the field of organic farming, will be heading off to Europe in June to address a number of international symposiums. 

This article appeared in the Business Day on 24 April 2018 about Honorary Doctoral recipient, Justice Mandisa Maya, written by Heather Dugmore. Read the full article.
This article appeared in the the Saturday Star on 21 April 2018 about two of our three 2018 Honorary Doctoral recipients, written by Heather Dugmore. Read the full article.
This article appeared in the Daily Dispatch on Friday, 21 April 2018 - written by Heather Dugmore about one of three Nelson Mandela University Honorary Doctorate recipients - Professor Marina Xaba-Mokoena. Download the PDF article from the bar on the right.

This article appeared as an opinion piece "In my View" in the Herald of 20 April 2018. This is an edited version of the inauguration speech delivered by Nelson Mandela University Vice-Chancellor Prof Sibongile Muthwa this week.

This article appeared in The Herald on 20 April 2018, written by Devon Koen

PASSIONATE about changing lives and becoming an advocate against women and child abuse, the second recipient of the Reeva Rebecca Steenkamp Foundation bursary has walked a hard road to get where she is.

This article appeared in the April edition of the Bank SETA publication "The Account", about a group fo Nelson Mandela Univeristy students who are making a difference in the lives of others.

This article appeared in Business Day of 6 April 2018 and was written by Heather Dugmore.

The announcement of Dr Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi as the new Chancellor of Nelson Mandela University is an historic triumph for higher education in South Africa as it is the first time that any South African university has appointed three women at the helm.

"System produces comprehensively trained doctors who can practise both in cities and deep rural areas", writes Lungile Pepeta, Executive Dean of Helath Sciences. This article appeared in Business Day Live on 26 February 2018.

This article was writtern by Dr Lisa Otto, a Senior Researcher/Lecturer at the SARChI and Chair: African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy. 23 Feb 2018 12:51 (South Africa).

This Article appeared in the Herald of 14 February 2018 written by Estelle Ellis.  In an attempt to improve the fitness and activity levels of children in Nelson Mandela Bay, students from two universities will be designing easyto-use toolkits for teachers. The toolkits will be set up by students from Nelson Mandela University and Switzerland’s University of Basel as part of the KaziBantu Project.

This article appeared in the George Herald on 15 February 2018.

This article HELPING OPEN DOORS TO SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, appeared in the SANRAL online publication, N-Route, on 1 February 2018 written by Ray Maota. 

This article was written by Lorien Pichegru researcher in Marine Ecology at Nelson Mandela University of January 31, 2018.

This article appeared in the Leadership #De Luxe of 26 January 2018 written by Shellie Karabell.

This article appeared in the Cape times of 09 January, Tuesday 2018 written by the Executive dean of the Faculty of Scince at Nelson Mandela University Professor Azwinndini Muronga.

This article appeared in the Star Publication of 09 January, Tuesday 2018 written by Executive dean of the Faculty of Science at Nelson Mandela University,Professor Azwinndini Muronga.

This article appeared in the Servamus of 01 January 2018 written by Kotie Geldenhuys.