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Nelson Mandela University professor Rose Boswell has released a book of poetry which she hopes will help heal minds made fragile by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Pandemix, the poetic professor of Ocean Cultures and Heritage takes a look into the psyche of life under lockdown.

The Port Elizabeth academic knows that just as the virus has shattered lives physically, so, too, has it taken a severe toll on mental health.

“There is no vaccine yet for Covid-19.

“However, we need art and poetry to evoke, articulate and hopefully heal the turbulent emotions brought on by the pandemic.

“Pandemix is my latest poetry book, which was published just this month,” the writer and anthropologist said.

“It features more than 45 poems I composed between March and July.”

This is an excerpt from an article which appeared in The Herald (South Africa) on 18 September 2020. Read the full article at:

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