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A health mobile app created by Mandela University's Centre for Community Technologies (CCT) has been selected to be part of a United Nations exhibition in Zimbabwe.

The South African mobile app designed in the Eastern Cape to help health workers diagnose and start emergency treatment for patients living in remote villages – even when there is no internet connectivity – has been highlighted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa for making a ‘significant contribution’ to the attainment of the sustainable development goals and will form part of the African Regional Science, Technology and Innovation Forum to be held in Zimbabwe later in February.

Responding to a huge need identified by researchers, a professor at Nelson Mandela University, Prof Darelle van Greunen, said they have created the mobile app for use by health workers on the African continent to help them make accurate diagnoses and start emergency treatment for patients who live far from clinics and have limited access to health professionals.

Read the full article which appeared in the Daily Maverick of 12 February 2020