Change the world


As life in lockdown level 3 continues long past the anticipated pandemic period, our ways of working have significantly changed.

The pandemic has fasttracked digital transformation in all organisations as they have had to rapidly adapt and become more resilient to future disruptions.

It is likely that in the post Covid-19 world we will never return to the way things were before.

To prepare for this, people across all sectors need to acquire technology, digital, coding and online skills.

It also requires the upskilling of staff.

Our faculties and academics at NMU have combined forces with hospitals, businesses and communities in the Nelson Mandela metro to help fight Covid-19. Read more...

This article appeared in The Weekend Post on 1 August 2020, written by Professor Darelle van Greunen. Prof van Greunen is the Director of the Centre for Community Technologies at Nelson Mandela University. 

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