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At the end of 2021, more than 23,000 matriculants in the Eastern Cape failed maths, along with thousands more across SA.

Many others scraped through, but will likely struggle with maths-related subjects at tertiary level, which could affect  their success in their studies and, ultimately, their future careers.

To give current and repeating matrics, students and any other adult learners a better chance to succeed in maths, Nelson Mandela University launched its  innovative MobiTutorZA Academy, a combined online/offline maths programme, on Tuesday.

The brainchild of the university’s Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC), the academy is built on the successes of its existing school-based programme, the Incubator School Programme (ISP), which has been running for more than a decade.

The average final-year maths mark achieved by the grade 12 pupils in 2021’s incubator  programme was over 65% — and 80% of them achieved bachelor’s passes, allowing them to progress to university.

One pupil, Asenathi Dube of Zimele High School in Mthatha, achieved 99% for maths.

In 2021, the incubator programme was extended to form part of the maths centre’s  ReMatric pilot programme, giving past matrics a chance to improve their maths results, and saw the average maths marks among them improve from 40% to 50%, while the top mark for maths was 71%.

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