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The collaboration between the Khoikhoi and San people and Mandela University's School of Architecture, lead by Professor Magda Minguzzi, has been mentioned in articles published in two national Khoikhoi and San newspapers, namely "First Nation News" and "Inheemse Spoor" (Indigenous Track).


This is of particular significance and importance because the articles written by Zenzile KhoiSan  Chief Coetzee of the Inqua people, speak about the University and School, as examples of best practices applied in the engagement with the indigenous community.

Zenzile KhoiSan Chief Coetzee said:"There were examples of universities and institutions which had engaged respectfully in proper partnership and equal knowledge co-production. An example of what I am speaking about is the relationship we, as indigenous leadership and communities have built with the School of Architecture at the Nelson Mandela University".

It is mentioned also that the certificate they received from the School in acknowledging the long collaboration with eight Chiefs, and the group photo is included. The eight Chiefs are: Gaob Thomas Augustus; Gaos Margaret Coetzee; Gaob Daantjie Japhta; Gaob Brato Malgas; Xam ≠ Gaob Maleiba; Paramount Chief Gert Cornelius Steenkamp; Chief Wallace Williams; Gaos Anna Michael Williams.

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