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Hopewell Moyo, who will receive his Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) with distinctionwas always interested in understanding how medications work in the body, and how the body responds to the medications that we take.


“Driven by my pursuit of excellence, I have already enrolled as a Master of Pharmacy student, confident that this further education will equip me with the skills necessary to fulfil my passion for academia” says Hopewell.

His master’s thesis is focused on the assessment of TB (tuberculosis) treatment outcomes in TB patients that are co-infected with HIV, and to compare this outcome in TB patients that are HIV negative, with the hopes that this will better treatment approaches.

The 25-year-old’s journey to a BPharm was less than easy under the care of his mother, who had to move abroad for work opportunities, leaving him and his younger sister under the supervision of his aunt and her husband, who also experienced financial difficulties.

This hardship served as motivation for Hopewell who excelled at school despite family issues, and he was exempted from school fees up to completion.

However, Hopewell’s mother tragically passed away when he was still in high school, leaving him orphaned.

“After completing high school, I faced the daunting task of funding my tertiary education, leading to a two-year gap period” says Hopewell.

Fortunately, he obtained a Presidential scholarship, a national bursary, which is intended to provide financial relief to less privileged candidates, paving the way for Hopewell’s enrolment at Mandela University.

“My challenging background fuelled my determination to succeed, leading me to actively engage in tutoring and mentoring within the Pharmacy department” reflects Hopewell.

Because of his passion for Academia, Hopewell envisions himself as a lecturer and a medical researcher in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Hopewell credits his family in his story of triumph, “I am immensely grateful to Herbert and Priscilla Chikamhi who provided crucial support through my pursuit of excellence and took over the role of my late parents and raised me as their own.”

“Additionally, it would be injustice if I did not mention my aunt, Otillia Sibanda, who consistently provided financial support for my university expenses throughout my four years of study” he says.

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