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Nelson Mandela University remains resolute in its commitment to creating enabling conditions to ensure access and success for students across the board and particularly for those from poor and working class backgrounds.

Following this afternoon's meeting with the SRC, the University management resolved to:

Provide emergency financial support for qualifying and NSFAS funded students - who are still waiting for the funds to flow from NSFAS - to enable them to purchase food and books. The University will reclaim funds provided from NSFAS:

  1. Adjust the test and assignment programme impacted by today's (May 2, 2018) student protest and offer the necessary support to ensure missed tests and assignments are duly concluded;
  2. Teaching, learning and research and all support functions will proceed as per normal;
  3. Those students who wish to protest be allowed to protest provided this is peaceful, does not infringe on the constitutional rights of others, nor transgress the laws of the country; and
  4. That those wishing to submit a petition to the University leadership will be welcome to do so.

Issued on behalf of the University by the Communication and Stakeholder Liaison Division May 2, 2018.

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