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Mandela University’s Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre (AMTC) recently designed and manufactured industrial automation training equipment for the East Cape Midlands College’s Brickfield Campus in Uitenhage to be used in artisan training.

The training stations train students from the college to prepare for their trade test. The practical training on the equipment aligns to their syllabi. The equipment includes five Siemens LOGO! 8 mobile programming stations, five Siemens LOGO! 8 mobile wiring stations and two Siemens S7-300 mobile training stations.

The agreement with the College also includes free training for eight staff members to attend accredited training at the University’s training centre.

The AMTC has in the past also manufactured training equipment for the East Cape Midlands College’s Park Avenue Campus.  The centre has done similar hardware development and training for South Cape College in Mossel Bay and will be delivering their equipment this week.

“Last year we manufactured the equipment for Ikhala College in Queenstown. Staff from both these colleges received training on the equipment free of charge. This was a merSETA-funded project, hence it did not cost the colleges anything,” AMTC Director Karl du Preez said.

The AMTC forms part of the Mechanical Engineering Department and is focused on human capital development through education. This education also includes access to a certified, official, Siemens Sitrain training centre. Mechanical Engineering students design and manufacture the equipment, which complements their education.

The Sitrain training centre has been providing accredited training to all leading industries in the Eastern Cape for many years. The training is focused on PLC, HMI, SCADA and Drive Technologies (electric technology for factories).  

EMPOWERMENT … Advanced Mechatronic Technology Centre Director, Karl du Preez and East Cape Midlands College Registrar, Klasie Claassen with some of the equipment the centre manufactured. 

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Principal Lecturer
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