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Yesterday the University reached agreement with the Student Representative Council (SRC) on a number of issues relating to registration and funding.    

Refer to yesterday’s detailed statement.   

In spite of this, earlier today, a small group of students, who were not part of the meeting with the SRC delegation, were disrupting classes and intimidating staff and students on North and South campuses. This was in direct violation of the standing interdict, which was read out and enforced yesterday, 17 February. 

Such acts will not be tolerated and are being dealt with accordingly.  As at 11:00, seven protesting students had been arrested.  Management are committed to follow through with the evidence gathered, to ensure the necessary disciplinary action is taken against the apprehended students and those who were disrupting classes. 

The University has deployed  security reinforcements and will continue patrolling with the aim of securing the campuses and lecture venues for staff and students.  By noon, all roads were cleared and calm restored. The University acknowledges the anxieties among staff and students and is actively pursuing measures to normalise operations.   

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