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An in-depth assessment of the prevailing circumstances has been undertaken and there will be no face-to-face Learning and Teaching activities tomorrow. However, the University wishes for the academic programme and workplace productivity to continue.


Therefore, lecturers should offer students the necessary direction to continue with their academic work, including that of accessing module sites on Moodle. Students are advised to remain in contact with their lecturers for guidance with regards to tests, assessments, classes and practicals.

Line managers must advise their direct reports on work arrangements. They, in turn, are expected to cascade this information to their teams. 

University Management is engaging students to end this illegal protest.

In the meantime, University disciplinary procedures will be activated to deal with instances relating to situations whereby University protocols would have been breached.

We thank our students and staff for your understanding while we work to bring about stability at our campuses.

Further communication will be forthcoming tomorrow.

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