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Reasons to be Proud #R2bP: Mandela University’s Bachelor of Social Work student, Sive Timakwe, received the runner-up prize for the Best Student of the Year at the recent ASASWEI Teaching & Learning Awards.


To qualify for the ASASWEI (Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions) student awards, students must have a track record of top academic performance and have made a significant contribution to community service, research and publication and remarkable networking and organisational work of any kind.

Sive thanked the University’s UADS (Universal Accessibility and Disability) Department, for always being there and supporting her with her special needs and ensuring that she can always attend her lectures and practicals on time.

“Your excellent service does not go unseen. To my fellow UADS colleagues, nothing is impossible if we put our minds and souls to success, we will achieve and be the best.

We are differently abled but are gifted to shine through it all,” Sive said.