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The doctoral research of Foluke Dare (35) identified the challenges associated with applying the principle anticipatory self-defence to maritime cybersecurity.
Foluke is graduating with a doctoral degree in Public Law at Nelson Mandela University’s graduation ceremony on 12 December, and thereby also fulfilling a promise to her dad and herself.  
The findings of the study recommended that the uniqueness of the emerging threat of cyber-attacks against maritime security must be put into consideration when assessing the lawfulness of actions taken by States to thwart these attacks.
This doctoral programme has paved the way for Foluke to present a paper at her first international conference. The Women in the Law of the Sea (WILOS) conference was organised by the International Seabed Authority in partnership with the Permanent Representation of Singapore to the United Nations to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea. 
“I enrolled for my doctoral programme in public law, motivated by the fact that I promised my late Dad that I would get my doctoral degree. I also had to find a sense of purpose for myself as I struggled to survive an abusive marriage while caring for my three amazing kids”, Foluke says.  
Her dad believed that education is empowering and encouraged her to achieve the goals he could not achieve. He encouraged her to reach her full potential and always believed in her. She promised him to stay focused on her career and to keep making him proud. “I wish he was alive to witness this achievement of my doctorate degree”, Foluke said. 
Foluke adds that her thesis was therapeutic as it gave her a sense of accomplishment. She would challenge herself to write 500 words every day until she came up with her first draft. She put one foot in front of the other and finally made it to the finish line.
“I am eternally grateful to my supervisor, Prof Patrick Vrancken for his mentorship, patience, and support. Nelson Mandela University has given me the opportunity to achieve my dream and fulfil the promise I made to my late Dad”, she said.
Presently, Foluke is working on getting some articles published. She is also revising a book that she has published in 2016 for its second edition. She is looking forward to applying the knowledge from her doctoral degree to improve on the global discussion about maritime cyber security in the context of international law. 
Foluke has moved to Australia some months ago and she is looking forward to applying her qualification there.

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