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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Nelson Mandela University won the runner-up award at the Higher Education Facilities Management Association of Southern Africa (HEFMA) awards ceremony earlier this month. This award is granted solely on renewable energy initiatives implemented at any institution and savings should also be reflected.

Mandela University currently has the biggest on-campus solar power plant in the country and won the runner-up award for the newly commissioned 1 MW Solar Plant on South Campus.

The plant spans two hectares and is equipped with fixed and sun-tracking PV modules, consisting of 1200 panels across 30 dual-axis tracking systems, plus another 2 234 fixed photovoltaic panels.

A converter also transforms the energy captured from the sun’s rays to electricity.

In its motivation the university shared this as one of many steps we are taking in pursuit of a more environmentally, financially and socially sustainable future, in line with global goals to conserve resources and grow clean energy sources. In addition to reducing its energy usage – which includes the shift towards renewable energy – the university is also determined to significantly decrease its water consumption and landfill waste.

It is also planned that any savings the institution makes in relation to achieving these goals, will be ploughed back into additional sustainability projects. The solar power plant is part of a five-year plan to replace 25% to 30% of our existing energy needs with renewable energy sources.

Mandela Uni’s Director Maintenance Services Melvyn Syce received the award from Venessa Ranjit and Nadeem Gafieldien of HEMA.  

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Sustainability Engineer
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