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A student has been found guilty and expelled and disciplinary proceedings against several others are continuing in relation to various acts of violence and disruption associated with the #FeesMustFall protests that rocked Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University last year.

One student who was positively identified in the incident involving the stoning of cars outside the North Campus Admin Building in October was found guilty and expelled, while internal matters against 12 other students were postponed pending legal representation.

Seven cases of public violence and/or damage to infrastructure involving 45 students were put before the South African criminal courts this week, the bulk of which were postponed to later in the year.

All other cases of incidents that occurred during the 2016 #FeesMustFall period that needed additional investigation are being looked into for consideration for possible internal disciplinary action.

The University has been firm and consistent in its stance to bring perpetrators of unlawful activities during the demonstrations to book. While NMMU supports staff and students exercising their democratic rights to demonstrate, such demonstration should be done in accordance with the laws of our country and disciplinary codes of the university.

It is in the interests of the University community to work together in bringing justice on the aforementioned matters.

Protection Services therefore highlights the importance of staff and students who have been directly affected, if approached to assist in providing evidence, to do so. None of these cases can be satisfactorily concluded without sufficient evidence being provided and presented.

Anyone with information on any of the above mentioned matters is urged to contact the Protection Services office on 041-504-2490.

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