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Reasons to be Proud – R2bP#: Computing Sciences honours student, Marco Venter, has developed a smart phone security app that is already creating waves in Germany and the United States.

Uniface, as his app is called, uses face and voice “passive liveness recognition” technology.

While reading up about trends in artificial intelligence, Marco got the idea for his app and explained that passive liveness detection for both face and voice was developed and used globally for the first time at the beginning of this year but has only been used in the e-commerce sector. It has never been used to open a locked door. And this is what his app does.

After much research, he discovered that a company called IDR&D in New York are the only company in the world to properly implement passive liveness detection for both face and voice. As they were interested in what he was doing, they allowed him to use their technology.

So he bought a model door with an electronic lock and used a selfie, his voice and his cell phone to create a virtual key.

The app uses face and voice recognition to unlock a physical door and creates a log of everyone who accesses that room.

This app has the advantage of being cost effective and could replace the expensive systems currently being used by the university. His system is 80% cheaper and only requires students and staff to download the app.  

Uniface can be programmed to open any electronic lock and the synchronisation process is fast, with the user being able to do it themselves.  

IDR&D has seen Marco’s app and say it surpasses industry standards. According to them, his system is the first to use the two biometrics of face and voice recognition to authenticate a user.

The New York company has offered Marco a job and plan to post a video of how his system works on their website to increase knowledge of the effectiveness of using two biometrics.

Electronic locks are mostly used in business and industry but could become very useful in homes in the future.

Watch a video of Marco demonstrating his app at:


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