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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Bachelor of Visual Arts honours student, Zama Spellman, has been selected to show her paintings in the national, Latitudes Reshape 22 show.

The show, featuring 60 artists, is an annual, online survey exhibition that seeks to augment the visibility of contemporary women-identifying artists in Africa. 

The exhibition speaks to some topical and important issues within the contemporary art scene in South Africa.

"The exhibition aims to highlight a contemporary view of female-identifying practices that is not based on any single narrative of womanhood, but rather explores the vital contributions of women making art, in relation to the compelling issues that define our times,” says exhibition co-curator Nina Carew.

This year’s show centres around five themes – Materiality, Portraiture, The Female Gaze, Nature and sustainability and The Body as a Vessel. Zama’s work is featured in the Portraiture theme.

The 22-year-old student’s work explores themes such as race and representation, displacement, and black femininity. Her works range from oil paintings to best execute her rich and bold portraiture of young black women, and detailed charcoal drawings of black women in their spaces.  

Last year, she was selected as a finalist in the acclaimed Sasol New Signatures competition exhibition. 

Some of Zama's work at a recent exhibition. Photo: Basil Brady

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