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Alumnus Vanessa Mhlom, a business analyst at the Nybble financial technology company in Johannesburg, came up with the idea to develop a Lockdown Levels app to give users detailed updated information about their district’s lockdown level, using a smartphone GPS-tracking capability.  


It is district-specific and clearly highlights the restrictions applicable to the user.

The app was launched a day after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address to the nation in May, shortly after realising that the national lockdown will likely remain in South Africa for the rest of 2020. 

The application is completely free to use and available for Android devices. iOS users can save the webpage on their home screens.   

LockdownLevels, jointly developed by financial technology company Nybble and jobs platform JOBJACK, is working together with state officials to ensure that the application always has the latest and accurate information and that the public is informed in a timely fashion. 

“I hope the app provides people with accurate information during these uncertain times,” says Vanessa, who completed her BCom Accounting for Chartered Accountants at Mandela University and also obtained a Postgradute Diploma in Business Analysis (cum laude) at Rhodes Business School. 

Vanessa said while the application is free to use, it features advertising to help pay for the development and operation costs. 

“Now more than ever, it is important for companies to work together and leverage on one anothers strengths. We truly are stronger together,” she said.

The entire application was built by a small team of three working remotely during the national lockdown. Nybble CEO Brandon Roberts, who played a key role in building the app, said that he is so privileged to be able to use his skills in software and technology to hopefully help better the lives of others. 

JOBJACK CEO Christiaan van der Berg said the hope is that the app will bring people together by keeping them informed in a time where social distancing is keeping us apart. 

The app also features a link to the Job-abled Foundation, a non-profit organisation, in a bid to help differently-abled individuals find access to jobs during the crisis. 

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