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Reasons to be Proud (R2bP): Congratulations to three postgraduate LLM students in the Faculty of Law, Rachael Chasakara, Nikita Govender and Ntemesha Maseka, and their coach Mr David Abrahams, who will represent South Africa at the 30th edition of the Jean-Pictet Competition in Ohrid, (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) this week.

Jean-Pictet is a prestigious competition that enables graduate students to become better acquainted with International Humanitarian Law (IHL), using simulated events based on fictitious situations of armed conflict. Teams are expected to pit their legal knowledge against each other and test their ability to find solutions to problems in three phases: the qualifying heats, semi-finals and finals. Jean-Pictet is different from other international law competitions because, like humanitarian law, it does not deal mainly with legal disputes or judicial matters, but with practice and real-life situations.

Seventy Anglophone teams applied and 32 were selected after a two phase process. The trip is sponsored by the International Committee for the Red Cross, Regional Delegation (Pretoria).

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Mr David Abrahams
Research Associate