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The on-campus Green Route, as part of the safety and security implementation plan, is now operational. The introduction of a further 48 cameras along a dedicated 1.5km safe Green Route from the main building on South Campus through to the student residences is now being actively monitored at the expanded central Security Operation Centre (SOC) at North Campus.

These interventions are among those that have been introduced in recent months in a bid to ensure safer campuses for staff, students and visitors.

Other improvements include:

  • The completion of fencing erected around Missionvale, Bird Street and Second Avenue campuses  
  • The completion of infrastructure and equipment support for satellite SOC venues on Bird Street, South Campus and Missionvale campuses. The process for the acquisition of support monitoring facilities for SOC venues on the other campuses is underway as well as the necessary training.
  • Digitized access control for both motorists and pedestrians using turnstiles has been implemented at the Missionvale and Bird Street campuses and is currently underway at Second Avenue Campus.
  • Training of Protection Services staff in using various new technology is underway and includes, for example, that of first response training for sexual-orientated crimes and that of using access control devices for the soon-to-be introduced pilot project of access control for vehicles entering or leaving campuses (a detailed Memo on this will soon follow).
  • An audit of the skills level of all Protection Services staff began yesterday (14 May) and will run until 28 May.
  • The implementation of visible patrols along identified routes and the deployment of staff to areas of high risk.

Green Route

Staff and students are encouraged to use the Green Route as it is now being monitored. This follows engagement with students as part of the Safety and Security Task Team to improve safety on campus and is just one of many proposed improvements.

Way forward

Various other interventions are in process as the University introduces an integrated plan that combines the benefits of technology with the “eyes and ears” support of those it wishes to keep safe.

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