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The Department of Economics at Nelson Mandela University is presenting a free webinar on Monday, November 2, to unpack the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement and government’s recent Reconstruction and Recovery Plan (RRP).

The topic: “The South African Economic Recovery Plan and the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement, two weeks apart, are they synchronised?”

Emeritus Professor Charles Wait is the main speaker at the online event.

“The proverbial person in the street is aware of the recession in the South African economy, exacerbated by the Covid-19 lock-down,” he said.

“Business closures, loss of income and high levels of unemployment, spilling over into poverty and deepening inequality are on everyone’s lips.

“Government, as agent of the South African population, is compelled, among others by the Constitution, to do something meaningful about the matter.”

Prof Wait will outline how the recovery plan and medium-term budget, which this year also served as a second adjustment budget, are linked, explaining how the latter focused on allocating resources towards the RRP.

Webinar organiser Asanda Fotoyi, who is also an Economics lecturer in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, said the webinar was free.

She hoped a wide audience would tune in between 2 and 3pm on Monday, on the Microsoft Teams platform (webinar link).

“Webinars and other digital tools to share knowledge have been increasingly important in a year such as 2020,” Fotoyi said.

“Although many students and some staff are back on campus, blended and online learning still are taking precedence over the traditional models of face-to-face lecturing and public talks.”

She also advised that the public be on the lookout for upcoming related events organised by the Department of Economics in the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

Prof Wait has taught Economics for over 46 years, published in highly accredited journals, written books and presented at conferences. He also contributes the Economic Review column to the publication by the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.

From 1996 to 2000 he was the Dean of the (then) Faculty of Economic Sciences and Building Disciplines and member of the University Council, and also provost Vice-Chancellor. Over the years he has also been a member of selected panels and committees within and outside the university.

For more information, contact Asanda Fotoyi:

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