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Siblings Andisa Tyiwani-Batala and Makabongwe Tyiwani will both graduate with their Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA) at Nelson Mandela University’s Autumn Graduation.

“We are both at the pinnacle of our careers and need that extra edge to set us apart. We believe our studies will help us achieve that”, says Andisa.

And the PDBA is on the road to the MBA programme which they intend to work towards. They both completed their undergraduate studies at Mandela Uni and it came naturally that they chose to embark on their postgraduate studies at the same institution.

Andisa (40) is a Credit Manager at Nedbank Business Banking and a mother of three children who had to juggle work and family life while attending virtual classes in the evenings. Despite this, she passed the PDBA Cum Laude averaging 81%.

Makabongwe (42) is a Committee Coordinator at the Eastern Cape Legislature.

“The diploma has opened our minds to new ways of thinking and will help us apply new knowledge in our respective environments” Andisa says.

They decided to study at different points in their lives, but growth and career development were important to both of them.

“We live in a dynamic world that is evolving at a fast pace. We believe our studies will help us stay abreast of these developments”, she says.

“This is a great achievement for us and our family” both siblings agree.

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