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The development of a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors, while at the same time guiding policymakers and the mining industry in the development of policies and strategies, are among the contributions and findings of PhD in Business Management graduate Talifhani Khubana’s study.

Talifhani will graduate at Nelson Mandela University’s Autumn Graduation.

The study revealed competitive advantage and sustainability performance as the outcomes of Shared Value, which simultaneously catalyses solutions to profitability and addressing the challenges affecting communities.

Furthermore, the study investigated the perceptions on Shared Value, as well as its antecedents and outcomes within the mining industry in South Africa. The empirical results confirmed that automation, innovation (through innovation for value chain inclusivity, automation and business model innovation, infrastructure development) and employment conditions are the antecedents of Shared Value.

Due to his high volume of work and the strenuous time demands of a PhD, Talifhani also made the difficult decision to sacrifice his CFO position and his paycheck at one of the constitutional institutions in his pursuit of knowledge, driven by his quest to find his purpose. On top of these commitments, Talifhani also runs two successful companies – the POV Group and LEAD 360 Afrika Innovation and Research.

Talifhani is the third of five boys born to uneducated and unemployed parents. He started his academic journey at the University of Venda, Limpopo, where he obtained a BCom Accounting degree before completing his BCom Honours in Accounting through UNISA.

It was during his BCom Honours graduation, that his late father sparked the zeal in him to attain a PhD, when he stood up in a silence-filled hall and said, “That one ascending the stage is my son, I will die peacefully once he is dressed in the red regalia”.

With the encouragement of his parents, Talifhani pursued an MBA through Regent Business School and then went on to qualify as a Business Accountant in Practice (SA), Certified Financial Officer (SA), Tax Practitioner (SA), Professional Accountant (SA) and Independent Reviewer (SA).

With his academic and professional strengths in strategy, forecasting and decision making, Talifhani’s qualifications tended to gravitate towards the field of management sciences, which is also the field in which he has reached the pinnacle of his academic career – his PhD.

He considers himself fortunate, as his family understood his vision. “I could not ask for better destiny-helpers than them, for they allow my star to shine. They sacrificed everything, including the security of the paycheck. Giant purpose produces giant motivation and sacrifices.”

In addition, he credits and thanks his supervisor, Prof Chantal Rootman, and co-supervisor, Prof Elroy Smith, for their support during his PhD studies.

Talifhani shared some advice for current and aspiring PhD scholars, by mentioning that the pursuit of a PhD requires two important attributes: the grace of humility and the art of resilience.

“I believe that everyone’s journey is different, however, what makes great people is starting out and aligning their steps with their purpose, while appreciating that the finest moments occur when they step out of comfort zones. I believe that everyone’s vision and purpose is measured by the sacrifices they are prepared to make.”


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