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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) was shocked to learn of discriminatory comments allegedly made by a staff member using the University email system.

The University categorically states that the views expressed in the email are not those of the institution and go against the very core of its values, which include the respect for diversity.

NMMU was made aware of this matter via a formal complaint on Friday morning and immediate action was taken to launch an internal investigation into the possible violation of the University policies and values – the outcome of which will determine the appropriate sanction.

That said, however, the University does not tolerate or support religious discrimination and intolerance of any kind. The institution strongly embraces and supports the rights of all people, including those of Islamic faith, to practice their beliefs and religious practices, including prayer.

NMMU is intentional about providing an environment accommodative of all religions, including the authorization of building of a dedicated Muslim prayer facility on campus and the provision for Halaal menus and food preparation for staff and students at its public facilities.

The University takes great pride in and embraces the multi-faith character of South African society and Port Elizabeth, in particular.

NMMU also has strict policies guiding how emails sent from the NMMU domain should be handled and this will be closely looked into.

The University is not taking this matter lightly and is working to speedily conclude its investigation.

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