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Reasons to be Proud #R2bP: Nelson Mandela University postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Chemistry, Dr Mapokolo Phiri, has been selected to represent South Africa and participate at the 52nd IUPAC General Assembly, as an IUPAC Young Observer at The Hague, Netherlands.


The IUPAC General Assembly will take place from 18 to 25 August, in parallel to the IUPAC World Congress IUPAC|CHAINS2023.

Meetings of the statutory bodies of the Union, specifically of the Council, Bureau, Division and Standing Committees, will take place followed by the World Chemistry Leadership Meeting on “Catalyzing Innovation for Sustainable Development”.

The Royal Chemistry Society called on African emerging researchers to apply for the opportunity to be young observers at the 52nd IUPAC General Assembly, to which Dr Phiri responded, and she was selected to represent South Africa.

“I am a polymer chemist, and my research interests are generally in the vaporisation of waste; my current project investigates the use of avocado seed extract as antimicrobial agent in sustainable polymer scaffolds for potential applications in wound and bone healing, says Dr Phiri.

She obtained her PhD from Stellenbosch University, and her research was on high solids coatings based on molecular brushes. 

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