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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Senior Lecturer in the Department of Zoology, Dr Gavin Rishworth, has been selected as an Affiliate of the African Academy of Sciences for a period of five years.

Dr Rishworth is one of only three South Africans to be included in the list of 40 from all over the Continent.

This fifth cohort of Affiliates will receive professional development support in grant writing, publishing, science communication, ethical conduct of research, intellectual property issues, collaborative research, scientific leadership and entrepreneurship, mentoring and networking.

Since 2015, the AAS has employed a rigorous nomination and review process to recognize high-achieving post-PhD researchers on the African continent. This is in line with the overall mandate of the Academy to build a critical mass of thriving and impactful science leaders in Africa.

The 2019 Call for Affiliates attracted over 300 highly competitive applicants from where a diverse cohort of 40 Affiliates has been selected.

The 40 early career researchers join an existing network of 87 Affiliates drawn from various African countries, across several scientific disciplines. AAS Affiliates are zealous researchers who strengthen and build the scientific community by being innovators, reviewers, supervisors, mentors, lecturers, volunteers, policy advisors, and members of professional associations.

Gavin graduated with his PhD in Oceanography in 2017. His research has been supported by full scholarships and fellowships awarded by the National Research Foundation of South Africa (MSc and PhD) and the Claude Leon Foundation (postdoctoral fellowship). Gavin studies many of the creatures and processes of the sea, from fish and seabirds, to unique and unusual coastal pools called 'stromatolites'. He has published over 35 international peer-reviewed scientific articles on his research. His recent work seeks to uncover how modern stromatolites might provide a glimpse into those early conditions which allowed complex life to evolve on Earth. His focus is on the links between microbial mat formation and metazoan bioturbation, including food-web dynamics and evolutionary drivers of biodiversity in space and time.

By recognizing emerging scientists who demonstrate excellence in their work, the AAS seeks to create a platform through which younger researchers are motivated to pursue a rewarding career in science. Ultimately, the Affiliates programme seeks to produce all-rounded scientists embodying the AAS’ values of excellence, empathy, diversity and integrity.

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