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Nelson Mandela University has declared its commitment to working hard to ensure wider access and success of students and learners particularly those from poor and rural communities, and do everything within its power and means to implement support measures and interventions to ensure such access and success.

The University has equally declared that it will do what is necessary to uphold the constitutional and human rights of staff and students. This means allowing protests provided such protest is conducted peacefully and in accordance with the University’s code of conduct, the law of the country, including the provisions of the interdict, and court order currently in force.

This similarly means that the rights of students and staff wishing to access the University for work and study must and will be respected and protected, and that any form of intimidation and/or attempts to prevent or impede such access and the conducting of the legitimate business of the University cannot and will not be tolerated.

It is for this reason that the University views in a dim light the reported instances of intimidation and threats, in person and on social media platforms, against staff and students who elected to exercise their legitimate rights.

These acts of intimidation and threats are in direct contravention of the interdict obtained in an effort to enforce observance and protection of the rights of staff and students and to normalise University operations.

The University reserves the right to follow due legal and disciplinary processes.

Should staff or students experience instances of threats of violence, intimidation, disruption of classes, unlawful removal from any University location, prevention from doing their work or studies, hate speech or any other offence, you are encouraged to report these to the University’s Legal Services on

While the responsible use of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp groups is encouraged, it should be noted that the abuse of these platforms could lead to disciplinary action in line with the University’s ICT policy and code of conduct.

Members of the University community are reminded that while active use of communication platforms is encouraged, the official University statements and communication are issued only and strictly through appropriately delegated persons, divisions and committees, such as the official spokespersons, the Communication and Stakeholder Liaison Division and the Emergency Management Team during periods of emergency.

If students and staff are unsure of the credibility of information being shared, they should please liaise directly with their respective lecturers and line managers.

The Court Order and a document on How the Inderdict Works are downloadable from the box on the right.

Communication and Stakeholder Liaison

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