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We hope you will enjoy the first new-look, and newly structured talk@mandela staff newsletter. The new magazine-style publication replaces the monthly talk@nmmu and has been formatted in line with the University’s strategic priorities and those areas key to our vision of being “a dynamic African university recognised for its leadership in generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future”.

These priorities are core to all our work, whether we’re academics or professional, administrative and support staff (PASS) of the University – and, along with our values, should guide our everyday efforts. 

The day-to-day news is now regularly shared in the Staff Bulletin section of the staff portal, so please continue to send your stories and photographs to  Let’s inspire one another with our achievements, events and other newsworthy matters.

For your convenience we have created hyperlinks to take you directly to the stories or sections that are of direct interest to you, but we hope you will take the time to browse through the entire publication.

We welcome all feedback towards improving the newsletter so please drop us a line at

If you would like a print version of talk@mandela, you can do so via a print request through the Reprographics Department.

Contact information
Ms Elma de Koker
Internal Communication Practitioner
Tel: 041-504 2160