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Under the umbrella of celebrating excellence, we celebrate and recognise our top academic, professional, administrative and service staff in the categories of research, teaching, engagement, innovation, creative outputs and institutional support. 

Excellence is one of the University’s six values, which we believe is core to achieving our vision of Nelson Mandela University as a dynamic African university, recognised for its leadership in generating cutting-edge knowledge for a sustainable future.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Sibongile Muthwa in her address to staff and students at the first virtual awards ceremony said: “In the midst of so much turbulence and uncertainty, however, it is still important for us to celebrate – to celebrate both significant achievements, like our student Academic Awards and the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards for staff – and the smaller gains.

“This is not the year to get everything you want.  This is the year to appreciate and celebrate everything you have in spite of the global pandemic.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our achievers for 2020 for making excellence a habit. It is your hard work, your sacrifices, positive attitude and commitment to an end goal that makes for excellence.”

Also read about the Student Academic Award winners.

Researcher of the Year

Prof Tim Gibbon
Prof Gibbon researches and creates Physics and Engineering-based technologies for next generation, high bandwidth communication.  These technologies connect us to the Internet through a web of data centres.  They connect astronomers to faint signals from distant galaxies through radio telescopes and loved ones through cell phones and instant messaging.  The goal of the research is to connect faster, to reach further and realise greater bandwidth.  Though the Research is focussed on the technology, its value lies in the connections that it creates.

"The biggest research demands the biggest grant, lab and team. The best research needs only good students, a postdoc and a dream."


Excellent Teacher of the Year

Dr Ismail Badroen
Dr Badroen is inspired by the Faculty of Education’s “Emancipation Model” of teaching where lecturers, as transformative intellectuals, constantly are in dialogue with students; critically engage with traditional versus indigenous knowledge and drawing on students’ lived experiences.  As a facilitator of learning he creates an opportunity for new understandings and ways of looking at the world, he develops his students’ higher-level reasoning skills by constantly engaging them in dialogue.

"Life-long learners, even with PhDs, cherish the prospect to be schooled with every lecture they present."


Distinguished Teacher Award

Dr Reinhardt Botha
Prof Botha sees himself as the tour guide, continually providing opportunities for learning.  He continually attempts to bring “real life” into the classroom through industry-focused storytelling, teaching from a context-first perspective, focusing on the why, before the how and what.  He hopes to challenge learners to become better versions of themselves and to inculcate a culture of lifelong learning.

"When your students become the teachers you’ve been a successful teacher."


Emerging Excellent Teachers of the Year - award 1

Dr Gaathier Mahed
Students should be fully engaged and immersed in the process of learning using free and open source software and resources by reading, watching and listening, helping them to understand what real world problems look like in reality, Dr Mahed believes.  It should be a life changing experience and students need to find themselves in the process.

"Find practical solutions to the problems we have and communicate these solutions in the simplest way possible."


Emerging Excellent Teachers of the Year - award 2

Qawekazi Maqabuka

Ms Maqabuka’s teaching practice has been guided by four pillars: disciplinary depth, access, social justice and fairness, fostering the University principles of ubuntu, inclusion and academic excellence, and encouraging students to state their ideas in their mother tongue.  With the majority of students in undergraduate studies from a working-class background, the classroom must reflect that reality. She has also recently insisted that students use gender-inclusive language. 


Students’ voices start in the classroom, a safe space to find your voice on your own terms. 


Research Excellence Awards - award 1

Prof Mandy Lombard

“The ocean space is getting more and more crowded, and we are pushing the boundaries of human influences and extractive activities further and further.  We need to learn how to manage our use of the ocean sensibly, while simultaneously recognising that our lives depend on healthy ocean ecosystems” says Prof Lombard.  Young professionals need to be equipped to deal with the science, policy and socio-economic aspects of managing ocean use, and for this trans-disciplinary research needs to take place.


The ocean is the most fantastic place to work – about 90% of it is unexplored and 90% of its species not yet described.


Research Excellence Awards - award 2

Prof Darelle van Greunen

Prof Van Greunen’s inter-disciplinary research develops innovative technology solutions to address societal challenges.  She believes in a linkage between teaching, research and innovation and emphasises the human context of social demands, ethical considerations, sustainability and personal responsibility aligned with a strong value system.  User experience and interaction with technologies, the requirements of a high technology 4th Industrial Revolution-mediated environment and infrastructure, virtual learning environments and innovative digital technologies to enhance healthcare on the African continent, are explored.

Don’t wait for a moment, create the moment.



Faculty Researchers of the Year - Business and Economic Sciences

Prof Andrew Phiri

Macroeconomics, financial, international and applied economics are Prof Phiri’s research areas.  He focuses interdisciplinary on key issues in the South African economy such as high unemployment, low growth, high capital mobility, fiscal instability, exchange rate instability and environmental degradation.  His research demonstrates how choice and sophistication of econometric modelling is paramount to gaining deeper empirical understanding of key economic issues.

As is the case with mankind, it is really doubtful that any economy can truly prosper without being highly sacrificial.


Faculty Researcher of the Year - Education

Prof Mathabo Khau

Intersections of gender, sexuality, gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS, and how they play out in exclusionary practices form part of Prof Khau’s research areas.  Even though women and girls outnumber men globally, they face disease and poverty and their representation in decision-making bodies is also still negligible.  Prof Khau uses participatory research methodologies and ‘research as social change’ framing to build inclusive and humane societies for equal opportunities.

I am strong because I know my weaknesses!


Faculty Researcher of the Year - Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology

Prof Khaled Abou-El-Hossein

The Ultra-High Precision Manufacturing Laboratory, the only one of its kind on the African continent, researches new ways of making optical components used in the aerospace and automotive industries and performs optimisation and modelling of existing manufacturing methods.  The processes involved in optics manufacturing are costly to run and need to be well-designed and analysed.  The laboratory attracts a large number of postgraduates from different regions in Africa.

We always learn by doing. 


Faculty Researcher of the Year - Health Sciences

Prof Ilse Truter

International Society for Pharmacoepidemology fellow and researcher Prof Truter investigates the patterns of medicine use, their effectiveness, and whether they provide cost-effective care.  She is currently focusing on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), over-the-counter medicine, pain medication and vaccines.  She is the leader of the Drug Utilization Research Unit in Africa (MURIA) with more than 300 members from the African continent and beyond. 

Dream big, work hard and be curious … the (research) journey is as important as the destination. Live the journey!


Faculty Researcher of the Year - Humanities

Prof Adrian Konik

Prof Konik forges connections between disparate ideas, statements, and practices, and then explores the questions, which such connections pose to our habitual modes of being.  “This is because our existing paradigms are both the product of such provocations in the past, and reliant upon the continuation of such provocations in the present.  Against such all-too-human Apollonian proclivities, for me, research should respond by gazing at the horizon of Dionysian possibility, to see the difference it implies for us today, since only then are we thinking,” he believes. 

What remains troubling are … the still amorphous concerns … which have yet to shed their nebulous state and assume the form of … questions. 


Faculty Researcher of the Year - Law

Prof Joanna Botha

Prof Botha’s research focuses on the regulation of hate speech and hate crimes for the South African context.  The regulation of hate is an extremely topical, yet complex, area of the law, because of the competing interests at stake.  The tension between the rights to freedom of expression, dignity and equality, coupled with an appreciation of the background, the people involved and the intricacies of inter-group hatred, need to be delicately handled.  Her research aims to guide the processes needed to resolve a problem which threatens the integrity of our transformative constitutional project.

“Research matters, but unless you really care, you won’t change a thing … so research in a way that inspires others to join you.”


Faculty Researcher of the Year - Science

Prof Graham Kerley

The widely-recognised global decline in biodiversity and its benefits for humanity can only be addressed though science-based policy and management says Prof Kerley who researches the resource requirements for large mammals and the impacts of these mammals on ecosystems.  The possible influence that large mammals have on climate change could contribute to the conservation of our unique African biodiversity heritage and climate change globally."

My daughters serve as a powerful deeply personal reminder that our research has to serve to make a better future for our society, inspiring me to push for a better understanding of biodiversity and its benefits for humanity. 


Teaching and Learning Excellent Teacher Team Award - Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology

Dr Sue Petratos, Ms Helen John, Mr Eriya Sekanwagi & Dr Bertram Haskins

Excellent teachers must be well-qualified, be accessible to students, be prepared to go down a two-way street and have a sense of community.  The team believes they are life-long learners in their fields of expertise, to help students and always improve on their teaching, keeping the students’ needs in mind.  Regarding digital learning the student-centred GetDigiReady Project was launched in 2018 proving to be very successful in closing the gap in the digital classroom.

To be great lecturers, we need to meet the students where they are in their journey and join them in going forward.



Faculty Excellent Teacher of the Year - Education

Dr Ismail Badroen

Ovreall winner. Featured above

Life-long learners, even with PhDs, cherish the prospect to be schooled with every lecture they present.



Faculty Excellent Teacher Award - Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology

Mr Luzuko Tekeni

Excellence involves consistently re-evaluating what and how one teaches, striving for the most creative and effective ways to maximise student learning and success.  “I believe that excellence in teaching and dedication to students must go beyond the walls of a lecture venue.  Teaching and research go hand-in-hand”, Mr Tekeni says.  As lecturer who has walked the same road as the students, he assures his students that although it seems impossible - past students’ fear was the same.

Education is a powerful weapon that can turn one’s dreams into a reality. No one can take that away from you.

Education is a powerful weapon that can turn one’s dreams into a reality. No one can take that away from you.


Faculty Excellent Teacher Award - Humanities

Mr Giovanni Poggi

What inspires Mr Poggi most is the project of shaping great potential into tangible success for students.  His teaching philosophy seeks to make a real connection with his students, to assist aspirant scholars as much as possible in their development.  He believes that in the social sciences, the onus is on understanding, discussing, debating and critiquing the social world; and that the parrot learning should be undertaken as an extra-curricular pastime.

My teaching process is to always make my classroom environment as entertaining, engaging, interactive and immersive as possible for students.


Faculty Excellent Teacher Award - Law

Ms Tanya Wagenaar

Ms Wagenaar believes that lecturers and students are equal partners in acquiring knowledge and developing skills.  Students react to changing environments and thereby transform themselves.  She uses active teaching methods to make learning a stimulating, challenging and interactive experience through which students can gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will serve to empower and embolden them to make a difference in our society.

Education is an invaluable gift which needs to be shared to be honoured.


Faculty Emerging Researchers of the Year - Business and Economic Sciences

Ms Bridget de Villiers

Ms De Villiers explores leader integrity in South Africa as ethical breaches have a widespread effect on the economy and society; therefore organisations require ethical leaders who effectively navigate moral dilemmas while considering the broad range of interests of organisational stakeholders.

Working as an academic enables me to stay curious, seek out challenges and remain true to my personal values.


Faculty Emerging Researchers of the Year - Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology

Mr John Fernandes

Autonomous Robotics & Production Systems, Robotic System Modelling, Integrated Safety and Engineering Education within the 4th Industrial Revolution are Mr Fernandes’ research areas.  “My ultimate goal as an academic is to inspire and empower a generation of brilliant young minds to change their world through innovative “out-of-the-box” thinking”, he says.

The exhilaration of making discoveries, completing complex projects and sharing knowledge and ideas with peers and students is my daily driving force.


Faculty Emerging Researchers of the Year - Education

Dr Marelize van Heerden

The potential of dance education to create spaces for social cohesion in a post-conflict society and the educational value of the processes of movement, dance-making and movement sharing is the emphasis of Dr Van Heerden’s research.  Collaborative dance-making activities by “non-dancers” have shown to promote a personal transformation within students in the way they see themselves in relation to society.

Let us dance in times of crisis!


Faculty Emerging Researchers of the Year - Humanities

Dr Sareesha Pillay

Dr Pillay’s research focusses on representation and citizen participation in contributing to democratic governance and sustainable communities, emphasising and improving the representation of previously disadvantaged groups and particularly persons with disabilities.

I am not defined by my circumstances, I can dream, adapt, empower and spread kindness, but I have to earn it.


Faculty Emerging Researchers of the Year - Law

Mr Marc Welgemoed

Mr Welgemoed’s research includes human lip print evidence, a scarce forensic investigative technique identifying human beings on account of lip traces to bring offenders to justice.  His other research entails a blending of an interactive teaching methodology, namely Clinical Legal Education, with the conventional teaching and learning methodologies of procedural law modules, to produce a better law graduate for entry into legal practice.

Believe in yourself, always stay strong and be inspired.


Faculty Emerging Researchers of the Year - Science

Dr Gavin Rishworth

As ecologist Dr Rishworth researches modern coastal microbialites as living analogues of Earth’s earliest ecosystems, which have existed for at least 3.45 billion years.  He studies why modern microbialites are able to form, and how metazoan behaviours affect their layered growth (stromatolites).  This palaeoecological link assists in understanding the drivers of microbialite biodiversity during past and current environments, and how this might impact coastal ecosystems under changing climatic conditions.

Nature mesmerised me as a child – I’m inspired wondering whether someone might find similar fascination from something my research uncovered.


Faculty Emerging Teacher of the Year - Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology

Mr Timothy Speckman

Educators often forget that they were and are always lifelong students too.  Mr Speckman’s personal experiences in his own struggle with learning are what inspires him to be a better facilitator of the learning process.  Students enjoy what they are familiar with and can relate to and that is what he hopes to achieve when designing his lessons.  

Do not say that you have given up, until you are satisfied that you have absolutely given it your all.


Faculty Emerging Teacher of the Year - Humanities

Ms Qawekazi Maqabuka
Overall joint winner. Featured above


Faculty Emerging Teacher of the Year - Law

Ms Glancina Mokone

Ms Mokone was inspired by her excellent Constitutional Law lecturer, simple and graceful in his teaching, yet strict and with high standards for the class.  He taught her to think differently; and to have the courage to be different. Coming from a home of teachers that have within them a spirit of excellence and diligence inspired her most.

Excellence and diligence.


Faculty Emerging Teacher of the Year - Science

Dr Gaathier Mahed
Overall joint winner. Featured above.


Engagement Excellence Awards - (The Humanities) Award 1

Mr John Andrews

Creche X 3 Project

The Creche X 3 Project involved second-year Architecture Design Studio students, under the leadership of John Andrews, designing a portable, multifunctional building for a crèche, exploring economic construction technologies towards dignified architecture for a needing community and replacing a dilapidated shack.  This project was a quest to be of service to society through the University’s core business of teaching and learning, research and engagement on many levels. 

Design/build is about deconstructing privileges and allowing the by-product of an authentic learning experience to contribute tangibly to society. 


Engagement Excellence Awards - (The Humanities) Award 2

Prof Andrea Hurst

The Tributaries Project

The Tributaries Project (2019) entailed an art-meets-philosophy seminar series and an art-meets-science engagement project, linking social and ecological issues.  A temporary, “Tributaries” community with a shared ecological concern, namely “Water” experienced a unique three-day water-pilgrimage.  The group moved along the industrialised coastline, including the Driftsands treatment works, up  the poisoned Swartkops Estuary, ending at the sacred pure source of Swartkops River in the Groendal Wilderness Area. The group’s experiences culminated in art, journal articles, poetry and stories, shared at various events.

In spite of it all, there is something to be said for the human spirit and for sharing the human adventure.


Engagement Excellence Awards - (STEM)

Prof Tim Gibbon

Optical Fibre Communication Projects

The Centre for Broadband Communication under the leadership of Prof Gibbon develops researched-based solutions to problems faced by society and produces engaged scholarship.  Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are embedded into service provision practices such as making the Internet faster, creating next generation Big Data Science technologies like the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project, distributing highly accurate clock and timing signals to institutions like banks and optical fibre sensors for earthquake and dam wall collapse detection.

DREAM, CREATE, ACHIEVE, INSPIRE - Students remind us that the spark of curiosity, fuelled by passion and dedication, can ignite a world of change.


Engagement Excellence Team Awards - Award 1

Mr Julien de Klerk

Technology Station Programme

The programme’s supports and stimulates South African manufacturing and engineering industries to improve the competitiveness of local manufacturers which will enable industry to exploit and develop new markets.  Much needed engineering skills, high-tech services, and training are therefore more readily available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) operating in the local manufacturing sector. By leveraging government and industry income, a wide range of technologies and facilities has been introduced at the University. 

By supporting each other we are far more capable of converting our challenges into our successes.


Engagement Excellence Team Awards - Award 2

Ms Blondie Ntsiko

Envisioning Community Engagement and Outreach Project

The Library team community outreach initiative includes activities to improve community and school libraries, old age impoverished communities, library infrastructure and services. Library resources are improved and made useful to the community.  Resources include library furniture and books, binding and repairing.  Other activities included promoting a reading culture in collaboration with the Faculty of Education and student volunteers and national library projects.

Outreach teaches us how significant it is to help the ones in need, the ones who are less fortunate than us.


Engagement Excellence Project Award

Prof Jean Greyling

Tanks & Boats Coding Project

The TANKS and BOATS coding apps introduce learners to coding with mobile phones.  The apps use physical tokens and image recognition to allow learners to construct commands.  Introductory programming concepts taught in the first year at university, are introduced.  In 2019 more than 13 000 learners were reached through, among others a Mandela Day event, schools in all provinces using trained facilitators, Africa Code Week workshops and TANKS coding workshops.

With our coding projects we aim to bring hope to learners across our country by expanding their career horizons.


Emerging Engagement Awards - Award 1

Dr Richard Betz

SUNCOI Project

Since 2017, Dr Betz has led the SUNCOI Project for learners from under-resourced high schools to conduct their syllabus-prescribed chemistry practicals in the University’s Chemistry Department laboratories under supervision and guidance of graduate students.  In this way, they can discover their love for this subject, which is often perceived as difficult. It also encourages more learners to take up study opportunities in the sciences.

The world lives on people who do more than their duty.


Emerging Engagement Awards - Award 2

Dr Glenn Holtzman

Transformation of Music Curriculum Initiatives

Dr Holtzman’s work intersects with the praxis of gender and sexuality and the digital humanities as scholar and researcher, which he presents at conferences.  He is driven by the ideas of social cohesion, in his own teaching philosophy and experiential learning outside the traditional classroom.  He has also contributed to objectives that seek to prioritise indigenous and popular African Music in creative showcases and curricular development.

There in the music we find our reflection. 


Innovation Excellence Award

Dr Ian Wedderburn and team

Restorative Maintenance Procedure for the Treatment of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Power Generation Steam Turbines

This innovation effectively restores Stress Corrosion Cracking in steam turbine rotors in the power generation industry through a controlled rotary grinding process, followed by a surface peening technique to induce a favourable surface stress to extend components’ use.


Being driven by the opportunity to be able to contribute solutions, developed locally, to real world engineering problems.


Innovation Excellence Project Team Award

Prof Darelle van Greunen and team

Centre for Community Technologies and KaziBantu Project

The KaziHealth mobile app integrates physical activity, nutrition and stress management to guide individuals to achieve their personal health goals.  Education, motivation and self-monitoring are provided within the app for individuals to ultimately make healthier lifestyle choices and decrease health risks.  The App forms part of the KaziBantu project, a school-based intervention programme consolidating physical education, physical literacy and healthy active living of children and teachers within disadvantaged settings in low- and middle-income countries.

Don’t wait for a moment, create the moment.


Emerging Innovation Excellence Award

Mr John Andrews and team

"Studio Make"

The Mandela University second-year Architecture Design Studio under the leadership of John Andrews designed a portable, multifunctional building for a crèche, exploring economic construction technologies towards dignified architecture for a needing community and replacing a dilapidated shack.

Working as a team allows possibilities that cannot be achieved alone, yet at the same time it enables growth as individuals.


Creative and Performing Arts Output Awards - Award 1

Mr David Bester

Musical Performance and Musical Direction of a Film Score

As a performing artist, Mr Bester has to navigate a complex space in which he is expected to both become an “invisible vessel” through which music is brought alive, and to have his personal artistic voice heard.

Music is an expressive and powerful tool which enables communication that transcends barriers and connects us to our shared humanity.  


Creative and Performing Arts Output Awards - Award 2

Mr John Edwards

Musical Transcription, Arrangement and Performance

Over a period of about a year, Mr Edwards transcribed, arranged and performed compositions by South African jazz icons with a jazz band that he put together for public performances at local venues in the Eastern Cape.

Jazz is a powerful creative force when its participants are united in a symbiosis of collaborative and individual endeavour. 


Creative and Performing Arts Output Awards - Award 3

Dr Glenn Holtzman

Musical Composition

The “Water Works” cycle in four movements, is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, assemblage of various soundscapes, specifically focusing on the concept of “saturated sounds”, using water as an actual musical instrument, while the composition itself is also about humans’ relationship with water.


Creative work requires courage.


PASS Excellence Team Award

Institutional Governance

The PASS Excellence Team award is awarded to Elhaam Bardien, Carol Browne Sifundo Bulose, Rene du Preez, Zihle Febana, Charmian Green, Leana Hay, Sameera Patel, Ursula Spies and Siyasanga Tenge from the Institutional Governance division.  

The Department operates in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment and the quality of the services provided supports efficiency in decision-making by executive management, the flow of information via governance and management structures and the implementation of strategic priority areas.  The extraordinary performance of team players is evident when noticing the time spent after hours and over weekends (with no extra remuneration) to improve on faster turnaround times of resolutions and other projects. The team’s work has increased exponentially over the past years, yet they perform their work with excellence.

Elhaam Bardien: Being able to efficiently address the complex, large volumes of work, adhere to the fast-paced organisational requirements and living the Values of our University.

Carol Browne: It gives me purpose in life to contribute towards a common goal that is beneficial to all and which is something bigger than myself.

Sifundo Bulose: We should continually strive towards a culture of good governance in our activities to achieve unqualified audit reports for the University.

Rene du Preez: Success is not always achieved in isolation.

Zihle Febana: The honour of serving Mandela University through providing crucial Secretariat support to high level Institutional committees.

Charmian Green: Institutional Governance Team excellence. Teamwork makes everything happens seamlessly! Working together, is working smarter!

Leana Hay: Being part of a driven team motivates me for always doing your best and I take pride in the work we do and deliver.

Sameera Patel: I am daily motivated by the Governance team’s generosity and selfless support with each other. Blessed to be part of a collective that looks after each other.  

Ursula Spies: Do your job to the best of your ability.

Siyasanga Tenge: Always strive to give your best in everything that you do. 


PASS Excellence award for Peromnes level 5-7

Ms Liezel Lerm

PASS Excellence award for Peromnes level 5-7

Ms Liezel Lerm

As salary budgets analyst in Finance, Ms Lerm pays exceptional attention to detail and accuracy that is critical in budgeting and controlling the largest allocation of the University’s budget. She not only has a positive effect on the efficiency and effectiveness of the department, but the University as a whole. Ms Lerm is a team player and always ready to assist.

I believe in hard work, loyalty, dedication, providing accurate figures and good communication skills.



PASS Excellence award for Peromnes level 8-9

Ms Hayley Irvine

As Lab Coordinator for Computing Sciences, Ms Irvine controls this demanding task requiring daily management and many challenges with intelligence and due consideration. She also manages her interaction with the student assistants exceptionally well, showing a high level of management ability as well as empathy when dealing with problems that may arise.  Ms Irvine has implemented a number of tools for managing and controlling the various aspects of her position.

My driving motivation is to help our staff, and most importantly, our students, to achieve their best possible results.


PASS Excellence award for Peromnes level 10-12 - Award 1

Erina Strydom

Faculty of Law

Ms Strydom has served the Department of Mercantile Law and the Faculty of Law for over three decades.  She embodies the value of excellence in everything she does, combining hard work and a problem-solving mindset at all times.  She is creative and innovative in executing her tasks, takes the lead on projects and uses her own initiative, but knows when to seek input from management.

After my family, my job is the most important part of my life! I strive to only give my best.



PASS Excellence award for Peromnes level 10-12 - Award 2

Thembelani Tshambu

Mr Tshambu works for ICT services on the George Campus and has a good work ethic and always goes the extra mile, which has improved the service to be quick and efficient.  He created a YouTube Channel (TERAtech Support) that assist students online with IT-related technical issues.  He is also always available to assist with audio visuals and media services for all campus events.

Serve today for a better tomorrow.


PASS Excellence awards for Peromnes level 13-17 - Award 1

Lydia Banda

Support Service Assistant: Cleaning Ms Banda goes beyond what her job description requires and volunteers for extra duties.  She is able to lead when required to do so, is trustworthy and a hard worker.  She lives out the spirit of UBUNTU and the values of the University, putting others before herself, often after hours.

I enjoy seeing my clients and fellow staff members happy and working in a clean and hygienic environment.


PASS Excellence awards for Peromnes level 13-17 - Award 1 - Award 2

Siyabulela Onose

Mr Onose works hard, is self-driven and a perfectionist in his work as gardener. When under pressure, he remains calm and is willing to patiently teach other colleagues.  His integrity motivates other staff members.  He is often complimented by other departments e.g. when creating displays for events. He is always keen to learn new skills and help out in other areas.

My secret is that I sing to the flowers. I have a passion for horticulture, the quality of the plants and my team. 


Contact information
Mrs Allison Olivier
Campus Events Manager
Tel: 041 504 2142