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Staff and students at Nelson Mandela University are gearing up for the start of lectures on Monday, 5 February. As more students have been allowed to proceed with registration, a total 18 553 students – including 6102 first years – have registered to date.

The number of registered students is 34% higher than the same last year, when 13 777 had registered.

Financial Aid
Students whose household income is less than R600 000 a year, who need funding assistance are encouraged to apply for financial aid by visiting the website and clicking the tab “apply for financial aid”.

Returning students
All returning NSFAS-funded students were informed of their funding statuses and have been allowed to proceed with registration. Returning students who have been unsuccessful in their applications for funding will be able to lodge an appeal with the Financial Aid office once the appeals process opens up. An announcement will be made once this is up and running. An appeals committee will gather information and make recommendations, which will be forwarded to NSFAS for their consideration.

Postgrad students
Students whose undergraduate studies were funded and who wish to continue with some postgraduate programmes, but are no longer funded, can apply for financial aid. If students’ household income is less than R122 000, the University will allow them to register while they have outstanding debt and make a loan funding contribution of R9200 to their student accounts.

Registration challenges
Should students still encounter problems when trying to register, they should please contact the Financial Aid office for assistance.

The University is steadfast in its commitment to ensure academically deserving, financially needy students are not denied access to higher education and looks forward to the official start of the 2018 academic year.

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