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Nelson Mandela University is aware of, and is presently addressing, various challenges facing both prospective and continuing students at the start of the 2021 academic year.

These challenges, triggered in part, by the knock-on impacts of the global pandemic, are not limited to Mandela University alone.  The Higher Education sector has experienced funding delays that have beset the National Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

The University is in constant communication with NSFAS; and has already made various financial concessions to assist students.  It is consistently clearing individual students for registration as the NSFAS funding confirmations continue to come through.

Students awaiting their NSFAS confirmations, who qualify for university concessions, have also been contacted directly in anticipation of their approvals for registration. Students will, however, only receive allowances and clearance for off-campus student accommodation once their NSFAS statuses are confirmed.

Where applicable, continuing and first year students may be supported with on-campus accommodation, and may access Wi-Fi, as they await the necessary confirmations. E-permits will be generated for all First Time Entering Students as they register. This is of particular importance to students who may not have remote access and may need to access digital resources in general computer labs.

In the meantime, unregistered students are encouraged to participate in academic activities, and are urged to register by 16 April 2021. Students who do not meet this deadline for reasons beyond their control will be assisted.

The institution remains cognizant of the possible academic implications that these arrangements may have on both existing and new students and encourage them to contact their lecturers about learning related issues that they may be experiencing.

The institution remains committed to assisting qualifying students who may still be facing challenges for reasons beyond their present control, to register and/or begin their studies.

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