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The University is committed in its efforts to continue with its activities, whilst acknowledging that there have been disruptions to normal academic programmes and general work flow. The serving of the interdict is one of the mechanisms to help ensure the safety of our staff and students.


While there is uncertainty prevailing, staff are requested to consult with their line managers about continuing with work. To allow for better adaption to the present challenges, the Deans will liaise directly with affected staff to make the necessary arrangements.

Line managers within support services will make arrangements among their own teams, which may include working from home. Individual meetings will be held with staff teams as to the way forward following the present disruptions.

Similarly, lecturers will contact students regarding the way forward around academic activities, including tests and assignments. Given the hunger faced by students and the lack of textbooks, students have not been able to adequately prepare for tests, assignments and practicals due for submission this week. These will be rescheduled, together with other adjustments to the academic schedule where required, underpinned by an academic support plan being crafted by Faculties.

While the protesting students did have legitimate concerns, they infringed on the rights of others. The University has already intervened and additionally put urgent measures in place to ensure that all NSFAS recipients will receive interim funding for books and meal allowances. This will in turn enable these vulnerable students to participate in their respective study programmes and prepare for exams.

Communication will continue as developments unfold. 

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