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As we move towards the start of the 2020 academic year, herewith an update on our current situation in terms of admissions, finanical aid, registration etc.


To date, the University has made 10187 firm offers to first year undergraduate students who have applied to study in 2020. This is a 17% increase compared with the same time last year. Please note that applications at our University are closed, however, students can still submit their details through the Central Applications Clearing House (CACH).


Prospective students who, for various reasons, have not applied to or been accepted to a tertiary institution for their 2020 studies are encouraged to use the opportunity to apply for placement using government’s Central Applications Clearing House (CACH).

CACH is an initiative of the Department of Higher Education and Training to assist prospective students who want to enter the higher education system but may have encountered challenges. It affords applicants an opportunity to apply centrally, for possible placement at any of the country’s 26 public universities.

To assist those who wish to apply through CACH, but may not have personal access, the University has made available some of its computer labs.


In total, 6341 applications for financial aid have been processed which include 5977 first year applications, 343 for senior students and 16 for students with disabilities.


Online registration for senior students opened yesterday, 15 January. First years will register from 29 to 31 January. It is important that the students refer to the Online Registration Information Guide on the website. Students who are not funded by NSFAS must first make the required down payment before commencing with registration.


  • 17 Jan - Re-exams end
  • 19 Jan - Residences open for first-year students
  • 20 Jan - Assisted Registration starts
  • 22 to 28 Jan - First-year success programme commences
  • 25 Jan - Welcoming ceremony for first-year students
  • 29 to 31 Jan - First-year assisted registration
  • 31 Jan - Registration ends
  • 3 Feb - Lectures start
  • 3 Feb - Late registration starts
  • 17 Feb - Third opportunity exams start
  • 19 Feb - Third opportunity exams end

Our campuses are currently very busy and will soon get even busier. Colleagues and senior students are encouraged to assist new students where possible, particularly in helping them to find their way around campus.

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