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Mandela University’s staff member in Learning Development Selwyn Milborrow, has co-authored another book. This time together with American author and academic, Janet Bostic-Williams from Salt Lake City in the USA, on their shared admiration for Elvis Presley.


"Operation Gratitude: Kill Colonel Tom Parker" has just been released in the USA and the authors hope to release it in Europe and SA too. Selwyn with the Nelson Mandela statue at the Athenaeum in Gqeberha. 

Selwyn said the book would appeal to readers because it contained facts about Presley mixed with a thrilling story about a fan trying to protect him from his allegedly fraudulent business manager. “This would be engaging for both Elvis fans and those interested in the cultural impact of his music and life”.

“There are many non-fiction books on Elvis available, but not really fiction or novels”, he said.

Selwyn holds an honours degree in Afrikaans and Dutch literature, lectures Afrikaans Conversational Competence to isiXhosa-speaking students in the Education Faculty and is busy with his master’s degree research.

Janet (right) has a bachelor's degree in business management and Christianity from Houston Christian University. She currently does podcasts and freelance work.

Selwyn and Janet met seven years ago as “two of the King of Rock ’n Roll’s self-proclaimed “biggest fans” online” and shared their admiration for Elvis Presley on Facebook. Janet was the co-administrator of an Elvis Presley group.

“Our mutual passion for the music of Elvis and our shared interest in writing and interactions led to the idea of co-authoring a book, Selwyn said.

They started writing during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, piecing it together by emailing contributions, having Zoom sessions, and navigating different time zones.

“Our book comes fresh off the hype of the Elvis movie, but it was fortunately born years before the movie was made.

Selwyn’s passion for Presley and his music started in 1977, when Elvis died and he was 10 years old. He discovered the “King” and the genius of Presley, and has been a devoted fan ever since, with dreams of attending Elvis Week at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.

On their website, Presleystories, Selwyn and Janet share their love and deep-seated passion for the musical great, inviting readers to explore his life and legacy through compelling narratives.

Janet said she had learnt a lot from Selwyn on the process as she has never authored a book before. I am looking forward to the next book,” she said.

“Operation Gratitude: Kill Colonel Tom Parker” can be pre-ordered via Presleystories and will officially be released during Elvis Week in August.

Selwyn is also the author of Madiba's Quotes & Anecdotes, co-authored by Bevan Boggenpoel and published in 2021.

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