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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: The South African Institute of Accountants (SAICA) has released the results of the Initial Test of Competence (ITC) examination for Chartered Accountants confirming Mandela University’s quality of accounting education.

The ITC examination is the first of two professional examinations required for qualification as a CA(SA) and is written shortly after completion of formal university studies (a three-year undergraduate degree and a one-year postgraduate diploma in Accounting). The ITC aims to assess the technical competencies of candidates.

Nelson Mandela University is extremely proud of the graduates of the PGD (Accounting) class of 2021 who attained an 88% pass rate in the 2022 ITC examination - comparing favourably with the national average of 78%.

Congratulations are extended to Kristin Giddy and Nicholas Thompson who attained an honours pass for achieving 75% or higher.

The School of Accounting is also encouraged by the pass rates of our African (80%), Coloured (100%) and Indian students (100%), attesting to our continued commitment to transformation of the pipeline of aspiring CAs. These pass rates exceed the national averages for African (65%), Coloured (81%) and Indian (75%) first time candidates.

In addition, our Thuthuka Bursary Fund graduates excelled with an 86% pass rate in the 2022 ITC examination, 10% above the national pass rate of 76% for Thuthuka students. This performance is testament to the wrap around support afforded to African and Coloured students who qualify for this bursary programme which is part funded by SAICA and NSFAS.

 “These results confirm the continuing quality of CA(SA) education at Nelson Mandela University and the commitment and dedication of our team in guiding students towards their success in this important milestone in the CA(SA) qualification journey.

Since 2015, we have consistently been placed amongst the top performing universities attaining an ITC pass rate in excess of 80% and have had seven candidates pass the ITC with honours (above 75%) with five candidates placing in the top 10 during this period.

We offer a boutique type service - our classes are relatively small, and students have direct access to a passionate team of lecturing staff who place students at the centre of everything they do” said HOD, Prof Amanda Singleton.

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