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Nelson Mandela University is aware of the statement issued by DASO today, in which they expressed their intention to convene a student sit-in and to block the entrance to Embizweni Building on South Campus tomorrow morning.

Management are therefore obliged to take such threats seriously to safeguard the integrity of the AY2023, as well as to ensure the safety of both students and staff.

Student Life and Development have engaged with DASO to refrain from their proposed line of action and to remove their post from Facebook, as well as ensure that this communication does not compromise the learning and teaching programme tomorrow.  If this is not adhered to then the University will be obliged to take the necessary action against the offending students.

This as a consequence of the concerns raised by students in the past few weeks which are being addressed through the Student Representative Council (SRC) who has deployed appropriate representation in all the task teams and other structures of the University through the relevant task teams to address matters co-creatively. 

During these meetings, the DASO-led SRC participated actively and have not expressed dissatisfaction with the progress and feedback provided at the time, nor did they declare a dispute or walk away.

As a result, DASO has been requested to refrain from proceeding with their proposed action on Monday, 06 March 2023, as this will be viewed as an act in bad faith against the University and the processes in place to address the matters amicably.

The University re-affirms and is steadfastly committed to addressing student issues through the agreed platforms with the SRC and will take all the necessary actions to prevent diversion from this progressive, authentic and productive way of engaging with our students.


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