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“Motivation (foreseeable benefits) can only get you so far in life, it's discipline that sets the winners apart, because when motivation fails, it's only discipline that will get you to do what needs to be done”, says Anelise Moyo. 
Anelise graduated with a Master’s degree in Radiography at Nelson Mandela University’s summer graduation on 12 December. 
Anelise is a full-time radiographer and primary parent of her three children and stays in Shelly Beach, Margate, while her husband is a general surgeon and works in Harrismith (five hours away). 
Apart from doing everything at home she works as a night/trauma radiographer so that she can care for her children during the day. She also had two of her children while studying for her master’s degree.
She, herself, was raised by a single father with the help of her three brothers, and she salutes her father for that. 
The radiography company provides theatre screening services in three hospitals, and she also employs three full-time radiographers.
“The challenge of doing a masters with all my personal responsibilities is like none other. While the achievement of a master’s degree does not benefit me in clinical practice (hospital), I still did it because I wanted to inspire my kids and those around me that the journey to self-actualisation starts with pushing through challenges without a visible or tangible benefit, Anelise says. 
Anelise had to sacrifice a lot as a master's degree is not valued in clinical practice and therefore, she could not attend classes, or apply for special or study leave. She also had to take personal leave and drove around KwaZulu-Natal for data collection, all at her own expense. 
Anelise’s research zoned in on the perception of radiographers in KwaZulu-Natal regarding the role of professional development in clinical practice. 
Her findings included that radiographers need focused professional development activities. 
Also, the breakdown in teamwork between, the employer, Health Professions Council of South Africa HPCSA), Higher Education Institutions and the radiographers negatively affects the professional development participation of radiographers in KwaZulu-Natal.
In addition, professional pride also causes radiographers to not participate in professional development. 

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