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Enactus at NMMU (an international nonprofit organisation dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action) have launched their upXycle Store in the Madibaz complex on South Campus.

The upXycle Store is a project aimed at providing financially needy students with a sustainable source of income, providing a creative entrepreneurial opportunity for students, saving students money and assisting 25 women from marginalised backgrounds to earn a living.

The convenient and affordable shop on campus offers a service that students have not had access to before. UpXycle offers a redesign facility – a space for recreation and revival for the student wardrobe. Students can bring in items of clothing, shoes or accessories that they don’t want to throw away but can’t wear because of a defect and the items are redesigned or fixed up to be worn again, either into a different item or a just a different design.

In addition, the shop offers a tailoring service - from resizing, fitting and adjustments, sewing on buttons, repairing zips, fixing tears and stain removal. They also offer for sale, other items that have been brought in, collected or left over that have been redesigned or refurbished.

The UpXycle Store has partnered with HeartVelt, an organisation dedicated to providing skills training to women from marginalised communities. Handbags and leather accessories are made by the HeartVelt women through upcycling and recycling (

Enactus at NMMU wants to be able to provide students with business skills and techniques, so they can grow businesses in a sustainable way. 

Contact information
Mrs Karen Snyman
Student Life & Events Manager
Tel: 0415043561