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Qualifications offered by universities have to be accredited nationally by a range of statutory bodies. The final step in the accreditation process is the registration of the qualification on the NATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORK, which includes the qualification being allocated a SAQA ID. Until a SAQA ID is allocated, a qualification cannot be advertised and the application/admissions cycle cannot be opened.

The qualifications for which Nelson Mandela University is currently awaiting SAQA IDs for are:

  • Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology
  • MArch
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies Honours
  • Advanced Diploma in Interior Design
  • Master of Arts in Creative Writing
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in English
  • Advanced Diploma in Public Admin and Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Construction Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying
  • Higher Certificate in Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
  • BSc in Construction Studies
  • BSc Hons in Construction Health and Safety Management
  • BSc Hons in Construction Management
  • MA in Counselling Psychology
  • Master of Laws in Ocean Governance
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Development Finance
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Health Management

Nelson Mandela University is legally not allowed to open applications and/or register students for these programmes without a SAQA ID. Provided that the IDs are received from SAQA before the end of November 2019, the University intends to offer these programmes in 2020, and undertakes to open applications on receipt of the SAQA IDs.

Students intending to apply for one of these programmes will be informed by the Admissions Office when and how to submit an application.  Most of the programmes on this list are for Postgraduate (post diploma) qualifications and online applications for Postgraduate applications are currently open, but NOT for any of the above. The Admissions Office together with the academic departments for the two UG qualifications indicated, will determine a mechanism to deal with applications, once approval has been obtained.

Additionally, students can submit their details to the relevant Departments to be informed by email or text when applications open.

Contact information
Dr Robert Gerber
EBEIT Faculty Operations Manager
Tel: +27 41 504 3299