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Reasons to be Proud #R2bP: ScholarGPS, the world’s most comprehensive and dynamic scholarly site, has ranked Emeritus Professor Rossouw von Solms from Nelson Mandela University as #1 scholar in the field of Information Security over his career (lifetime).


ScholarGPS applies various data science techniques to its massive database of over 200 million publications and 3 billion citations to rank over 30 million scholars and 55 000 institutions worldwide, Prof Rossouw says.

Highly Ranked Scholars, the top 0.05% in particular fields, disciplines and specialties, are the most productive (number of publications) authors, whose works are of profound impact (citations) and of utmost quality (h-index). 

Prof Von Solms authored or co-authored 149 publications in the specialist area of Information Security over his career, that has attracted 5 988 citations to date with a current h-index of 38.  

Based on this analysis, Prof Von Solms has been placed in the #1 position in the field of Information Security over his career to date. 

His accomplishment has also assisted Nelson Mandela University to be ranked as the third most prolific institution internationally in the field of Information Security.

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