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While we support the need for Universities to respond as a collective, as to when and the way in which academic activities will resume, we also realise that some responses, will have to be tailor-made to institution-specific conditions.

Our University’s recovery and continuity plan, as demonstrated by the attached working framework, has been designed with an appreciation of the diversity of our students and their circumstances in mind. 

In essence, we plan to provide students with pathways that range from digital to face-to-face contact, and combinations of these extremes, to enable all students to complete the first semester.

The academic calendar is being adjusted accordingly.  

Students will be assisted to learn in different ways and will be provided with learning and psycho-social support. Likewise, lecturers will participate in capacity-building activities and be supported by the LT Collab and faculty support structures to enable them to adjust to meeting the teaching options available.

From the 21st of April 2020, we are planning to start the preparatory week to orientate students to digital LT modules, and lecturers will also share how their modules have been revised, and will unfold. Digitalised learning and teaching will start on April 28th. The provisions are in place for students who, for a number of reasons, cannot fully participate in digital learning modes.

On Monday the 20th April, University Management will issue a statement to further guide how various aspects of the academic programme (including post-graduate studies) will unfold, including the role and readiness of different operational units that support the core business of the University.

We have committed ourselves, as students and staff, to walk side by side to help each other to complete the first Semester and the 2020 academic year. 

Let me take this opportunity to thank our academic and support staff, as well as our students and their families for their hard work and patience as we navigate these uncertain times.

Professor Sibongile Muthwa
Vice-Chancellor: Nelson Mandela University


(Please visit the Academic & Research Activities during COVID-19 pages for more details)



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