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Mandela University's Architecture lecturer Dr Magda Minguzzi recently received a traditional necklace from the Oeswana Bushmen tribe, of the first indigenous peoples of South Africa, located mainly in the northern area of Nelson Mandela Bay. 

The presentation was in recognition of their many years of research collaboration, under the umbrella of Nelson Mandela University and recently also the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Dr Minguzzi was invited to attend the celebration of Chief Gert C Steenkamp as Paramount Chief and the inauguration of the traditional hut.

“To receive this necklace from the Paramount Chief and his wife was a great honour for me and I feel particularly privileged, especially as it is in recognition for work done and work still to be done”, said Dr Minguzzi.

“In 2014, the year following my arrival from Italy to South Africa, we started to form a research group consisting of more than 15 chiefs and members of the KhoiSan community, mainly residents of the Mandela Bay metropolitan area, and staff and students from Nelson Mandela University.

“We work together, with a cross-disciplinary and participatory approach, to document and experience pre-colonial sites in the Eastern Cape, specifically, the sites that the KhoiSan Chiefs indicated as important from a heritage point of view.

“After several awards and funds received from Nelson Mandela University towards the continuation of my research project, the NRF started supporting our project from January this year, for the next three years, including two bursaries for master's students.;

The event was part of a series of activities that took place this year organised by the Oeswana tribe as confirmation of the importance of practicing San culture.

A large number of indigenous leaders and CONTRALESA leaders from all over South Africa attended the occasion and delivered a message of peace and best wishes for the work of the Paramount Chief.

Second from the left, Paramount Chief Steenkamp with Dr Magda Minguzzi (left) wearing the traditional necklace.


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