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A MULTI-MEDIA event showcasing Ocean Sciences at Nelson Mandela University takes place this week as one of a number of events leading up to the launch of its new campus on 22 September.

The ‘Waves of Change’ event featuring staff and students from Arts through to Zoology as part of Ocean Sciences  new transdisciplinary approach of working together, precedes a series of marine and maritime related initiatives as the University’s efforts in this field gain momentum.

The 90-minute lunch-time programme on Friday with five-minute “Ted Talks” by researchers, an ancient water dance, visuals, interviews and other ocean-related information is aimed at giving University staff and students a better understanding of the exciting journey ahead.

Nelson Mandela University is set to become the leading Ocean Sciences destination in Africa for all related postgraduate teaching, learning, research and engagement.

The following events are also in support of Ocean Sciences:

  • Kevin Forshaw from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton in the United Kingdom will give an overview of the applications of AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles at the Business School auditorium on 20 September. 
  • Nelson Mandela University’s Professor Maarten de Wit will be hosting a gtlobal Indian Ocean Conference for notable scientists at the University on 21 September.
  • Ocean Sciences researchers will host their inaugural Community of Practice Planning meeting and discuss a R7 million research project.

Friday’s staff and student event has been divided into four sections in line with some of themes of the new Ocean Sciences proposition – our origins, our natural assets, our blue economy and the need for good governance – and packaged for the layman.

“We need to try to make our research accessible for everyone – so that everyone understands what our involvement in Ocean Sciences means for staff and students personally, but also as a university, region, country and continent,” said Nelson Mandela University’s Deputy Director: Stakeholder Communication and Engagement Debbie Derry.

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