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The University obtained a final court order stipulating the rules around the resumption of operations at Nelson Mandela University on Thursday (3 May 2018) following yesterday’s barricading of campus entrances.

The main purpose of the interdict (downloadable from this article) is to protect the rights and safety of those who wish to access the University to work and/or pursue their studies, while also allowing for the right to protest in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the interdict. These include that protesting students conduct themselves in a manner that does not:

  • interfere with, obstruct or disrupt university business and academic operations;
  • damage property;
  • contravene University rules; as well as
  • intimidate other students or staff.

Staff and students are reminded to carry their Mandela University identification cards on campus. You are encouraged to read the interdict in full so that you are familiar with its conditions.

The interdict was originally requested last year but as it was never served, it is still applicable. The respondents are cited in the order, which is a final order. It is therefore as enforceable now as it was on 4 October 2017 when it was issued by the court.

Social media and other threats

The University is also aware that various threats and voice notes have been circulating on social media. You are encouraged to forward all such cases to for further investigation, as well as forwarding footage of misdemeanors such as destroying property, theft, burning of tyres, obstructing traffic, and forcing staff and students to vacate university premises.

Way forward

If the protesting students comply with the interdict, it will be business as usual. If not, the University reserves the right in terms of taking action against said student/s.

The University will also communicate the status on the ground and engage directly with line managers overseeing the essential services of security, catering, cleaning and ICT Services.

Emergency Management Team

Contact information
Ms Zandile Mbabela
Media Manager
Tel: 0415042777

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