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As planning continues for the safe continuation of the academic project in line with the recent move to National Lockdown Adjusted Level 4, Nelson Mandela University remains committed to minimising the impact on staff and students as far as possible.

The University continues to tailor its response in a manner that seeks to balance efforts to #SaveLives with #CompleteAY2021, informed by the overarching principles that take into consideration, among others, the different contexts of our student body.

Academic activities

As has been previously communicated, all on-campus mask-to-mask classes and experiential learning activities for groups of students have ended, and end of module assessments (EMAs) will largely be conducted online. Most mask-to-mask exams will move online, but a few will be postponed. Lecturers will communicate with students in this regard.

Following a series of engagements in the academy since the Minister of Higher Education, Training, Science and Innovation, Dr Blade Nzimande, released guidelines on Wednesday, the following update is to be noted:

Computer lab use

To enable online learning and assessment for students without a device or a suitable one, and/or who have data and connectivity challenges, the University’s computer labs will remain open. However, students will need to book a slot to use a lab in order to adequately control and limit numbers to 14 or less per lab in accordance with the COVID-19 prevention protocols. Without a booking, students will not be able to access campus. Students should also practice our value of integrity by honestly declaring whether they are displaying possible COVID-19 symptoms when completing the health screening app. Students who are not feeling well should rather report this to Student Health Services and not go to a lab. This will help us to reduce the possible spread of the virus.

The University is also assessing student transport needs to determine if a limited transport service is needed.

Campus access and travel permits

In accordance with the ongoing COVID-19 prevention protocols, access to campuses and the various buildings remains under strict control.

The University continues with the use of its e-permit system. All students were provided with an e-permit when they accepted the conditions to access campus at the start of this academic year. If the e-permit has been misplaced, it can be accessed online, for those needing to access computing facilities on campus.

For those wishing to partake in remote learning and teaching from their homes out of the Eastern and Southern Cape, and who need to travel to or through Gauteng, permits can be sought from their respective faculties. A more detailed update on this will follow. Please remember that our Minister has recommended that students should rather not travel at this time unless they really have to.


As has been communicated, residences remain open until recess later this month, with provision made for those needing to remain in the residences for academic reasons during recess. Other accommodation needs will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Where a residence is placed under quarantine, Student Housing will work with faculties to make the necessary remote learning and support arrangements during the quarantine period.

Students residing in a quarantined residence are also urged to liaise with their lecturers as soon as possible to make arrangements about their academic work.

The University wishes to assure staff and students that despite the tight lead time between the Adjusted Level 4 announcement and the assessment period, every effort is being made to ensure that no student is disadvantaged.

Staff and students are advised to keep checking the institutional communication platforms for regular updates.

The University wishes all students the best for the upcoming assessment period.

Learning and Teaching Work Stream

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