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Erlier this month, Enactus Society members from Nelson Mandela University competed against nine other universities in the recent University Business Challenge held in Johannesburg in which they ended as first runners-up in the competition. 

Hemstone Mito, Refilwe Ntsayagae and Nadia Mjwara represented Enactus and Nelson Mandela University. Along with the accolade, they were granted funding for their Green Brick Project - a project that focuses on recycling plastic waste and incorporating it into construction.

Enactus is a community of students, academics and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Through the various innovative projects initiated or sourced by the Enactus team, students develop skills in areas such as social entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.

The Business Challenge is an intensive challenge that helps to broaden students’ experience in terms of business, prompt decision making and interconnected thinking. The students had to do in six hours, what other UBC simulations do in seven days, and what companies do in six months. In addition, participants also underwent a two day training course courtesy of General Electric and Cognitive Advisory.

The University Business Challenge is an undergraduate simulation-based competition designed to develop enterprise and employability skills. The challenge includes a business training course where students are taught how to make different business decisions and then given the opportunity to practice on a business simulation. The simulation tests the students’ ability to assess the business environment and adapt to changes, ensuring that their business remains profitable. Teams are then required to use all of the knowledge gained through the training and simulation to improve an existing project initiated by the society which was then presented to a panel of judges.

“Participating in the UBC Challenge has not only been an opportunity but a remarkable experience. It has broadened my knowledge on entrepreneurship and has put my skills to the test. This achievement has given me the confidence to continue testing my abilities and work towards one day becoming a successful entrepreneur. I am glad that the knowledge that we acquired as a team, will aid in the running of our Green Brick Project” said Refilwe Ntsayagae.

Nadia Mjwara adds “the UBC was a personal stepping stone, it was a means to challenge myself and broaden my knowledge about entrepreneurship. Performing so well in the challenge was confirmation never to doubt myself. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I am looking forward to the implementation of the project with the string of networks that we have established and I am excited to see the project to fruition.”

PICTURE:Hemstone Mito, Refilwe Ntsayagae and Nadia Mjwara represented Enactus and Nelson Mandela University.

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