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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Student Housing officials are processing and finalising the applications and admission of first year and returning students to residences for 2017.

First year students are to receive confirmation of their acceptance via SMS by the end of today (January 13) and are scheduled to start moving in from the time residence opens for them on January 20.

Student Housing began communicating with senior students who wrote exams in November/December on the outcome of their applications this week and are more than halfway through the process. Residences are scheduled to reopen on January 25 for senior students.

On-campus accommodation, bar the first year residences, have so far only opened for students returning to write their January exams. These students will be alerted of the outcome of their individual residence applications as and when their results become available.

So far, more than 700 students who are either writing exams or completing their extended academic programmes are currently being accommodated at the on-campus and accredited off-campus residences. These students are to vacate the rooms they currently occupy as soon as they finish writing exams.

The University has 3237 beds on campus in Port Elizabeth and George.

Student Housing encourages all students who receive final acceptance and meet all requirements as per the residence admission criteria to register online when online registration opens on January 16.

Students who do not get accommodation in on-campus residences are equally encouraged to apply to NMMU-accredited off-campus facilities via the Off-Campus Housing Office.

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