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More than a week into the start of the first term of 2017, thousands of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) students are fully registered and attending lectures.

As at the close of business on Tuesday, 14 February, 20 438 post- and undergraduate students were registered. This figure has increased from the same time last week, at 17 245, as more students get the necessary financial clearance to proceed with registration.

The increase in registration numbers can be attributed to the numerous financial concessions made by the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and the University to enable more students to register successfully.

Students have until 10 March to register and are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.


Outstanding debt for 2016 fees currently stands at R94.9-million, from nearly R100-million at the end of January, as students settle debt prior to registration.

The Financial Aid office also noted an influx of students coming in to sign their 2016 loan agreement contracts, following another reminder to do so. Those who have still not signed the contract are urged to do so immediately or face the possibility of losing out on the loan funding.

The Financial Aid office is working hard to implement the concessions made by NSFAS that will allow students to register. It should be noted that there are some delays on the part of NSFAS in this regard, which is impacting on the University’s ability to implement the concessions made.

Students who are unsure whether their funding applications are successful and they may proceed with registration should enquire at the Financial Aid offices or with directly with NSFAS.


Residence registration for senior students is progressing, albeit at a slow pace as some students are still awaiting the outcomes of their applications from NSFAS.

Out of the 3250 beds reserved for new and returning students on both George and PE campuses, 2166 have been taken up by students who have registered and remaining 1084 are occupied by students still awaiting responses from NSFAS.

This is of particular concern for on-campus residences as Students Housing had to refer some students who could not be accommodated in the reserved spaces to accredited off-campus residences.

All senior students who have not yet registered for residences are urged to do so before or on Friday, 17 February 2017. If by Monday, 20 February, they have not registered or made arrangements  with the respective Residence Manager, the rooms will be made available to other students desperately looking for accommodation.

Off-campus housing placements and registrations are also continuing. Students funded by NSFAS and already in accredited off-campus residences are urged to please register with the Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO) as soon as possible.


The February re-examinations are under way and are scheduled to end on Friday, 17 February.

Interim SRC

The Interim SRC has been officially constituted and is due to finalise its committees by the end of the week.

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