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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’s (NMMU) 2017 interim Student Representative Council has been officially constituted and is set to champion student issues until elections are held later this year.

The establishment of an interim SRC was made necessary by the inability to hold the annual student governance elections last year, which highlighted some inadequacies with the existing SRC Constitution.

The SRC Constitution is currently under review, with the Interim SRC to spearhead the constitutional revisions that will be submitted to University management and Council for approval and adoption later in the year.

This comes after the existing SRC constitution was found not to make provision for situations where elections cannot be held, nor did it have the necessary guidelines to deal with the possible extension of an existing SRC term or make provision for interim arrangements should elections not be held.

The interim structure comprises two members from each of the four recognised student political formations and two independents.

The newly constituted Interim SRC comprises the following members:

  • Uviwe Zalabe
  • Babalwa Vena
  • Msindisi Sigoloza
  • Xola Dungelo
  • Qabuka September
  • Moyana Ntsako
  • Rofhiwa Tahula
  • Karabo Mokou

Two of the student political formations are still to submit the names of their outstanding representatives. The process of appointing the convenor, two secretaries and treasurer will be finalised as soon as the two outstanding representatives have been confirmed. In the meantime, students can access the interim structure at the SRC Chambers on South Campus.

Allocation of Interim SRC members to the various University committees will be finalised this week.

The Interim SRC takes over from the temporary interim structure that took up student matters while the former was being established in January.

This process follows extensive engagement with student societies, particularly the student political formations, in a bid to chart the way forward in terms of student representation while the SRC constitution is under review.

The interim structure’s duties will be similar to those of a normal SRC, which includes representing the student population in some of the University’s decision-making forums.

The date of the formal induction will be announced as soon as it is finalised.

The Interim SRC will be in office until the review of the new constitution is finalised and approved by Council.

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