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Reasons to be Proud - #R2bP: Mandela University Chemistry lecturer, Dr Gletwyn Rubidge, once again took top honours at the SA Pool Freediving Nationals held in Gqeberha last month.

The competition, which took place at Newton Park swimming pool, included a number of different events and Gletwyn was placed first overall.

Setting a new SA national record in the Dynamic Monofin (DYN M), his 200m dive was done in the pool in the horizontal plain. He swam four, 50m lengths underwater on one breath, kicking like a dolphin with a monofin. Setting the new record took two minutes and 40 seconds. His previous record was 188m set about four years ago.

In addition to this event, Gletwyn also took part in the Static Breathhold (STA) where athletes lay facing down in the water for as long as possible without breathing. He competed in this event a mere two hours after the 200m DYN M event which resulted in serious fatigue in his system. The short gap between events is something not normally done in competitions and events are normally held on separate days to allow recovery. As a result, he opted to keep it shorter and stopped the static breathhold at 4:28. He would usually manage 5:30 to 6 minutes.

His third event was a 128m swim underwater doing a stroke almost like breaststroke called the Dynamic No Fins discipline (DNF). The national record is 150m.

Competing in his final event, he equalled his former record set in June last year with two flippers (dynamic bifins – DYNB) of 172m.

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